SecReT6 v3: an updated resource for type VI secretion systems found in bacteria

Overview of the classic T6SS assembly mode

Type VI secretion system (T6SS) is a class of sophisticated protein delivering apparatus, usually composed of 13 core components with or without accessory proteins in different species, involved in mediating antagonistic or synergistic communications between bacteria and/or bacteria and eukaryotes. Here, we have organized information derived from the reported literature of T6SS gene cluster, T6SS regulator (T6SR), accessory protein (T6SA), effector (T6SE), immunity (T6SI) and structure protein, together with tools for T6SS classification and T6SS predition as the web-based resource SecReT6 (Type VI Secretion system Resource) 3.0 version. More...

Reference for SecReT6 v3: Zhang J#, Guan J#, Wang M, Li G, Djordjevic M, Tai C, Wang H, Deng Z, Chen Z*, Ou HY* (2022) SecReT6 update: a comprehensive resource of bacterial Type VI Secretion Systems. SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences. doi: 10.1007/s11427-022-2172-x.

Current version: 3.0 | Since: May 2012 | Recently update: November, 2021
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