T6SS-dependent killing risk estimation

T6SS-dependent killing risk estimation is supplied to detect susceptibility of prey under the T6SS-dependent attack of predator in competition, which is achieved by the prediction of immunity proteins (T6SIs) and recipient susceptibility factors in prey genome, and prediction of T6SSs and anti-bacterial effectors (T6SEs) in predator genome.

Input Your Genome

      1. Predator genome     

Input file format:

            Example: NC_008463.gb

      2. Prey genome     

Input file format:

            Example: NZ_CP015648.gb

Set Parameters

BLAST E-value threshold <     
BLAST identity threshold for T6SS prediction > % (0~100)     
BLAST Ha-value threshold for T6SE and T6SI prediction > (0~1)     
Maximum interval (bp) between two co-localized T6SS components: (0~100000) bp     
Minimum number of T6SS component proteins for each T6SS region:     

Retrieve Results

Input your job ID