Detailed information of T6SS

Note: only experimentally validated proteins are displayed in the graph.


T6SS ID T6SS01284 experimental
T6SS type Type Unknown
Strain Vibrio fischeri FQ-A002
Replicon (GenBank) (-)
Location -
Function anti-bacterial
Comment Disruption of vasA_2 abrogated killing of ES114 in these strains
[1] Speare L, Cecere AG, Guckes KR, Smith S, Wollenberg MS, Mandel MJ, Miyashiro T, Septer AN. et al (2018) Bacterial symbionts use a type VI secretion system to eliminate competitors in their natural host.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115(36):E8528-E8537. [PudMed:30127013]
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed.