Detailed information of T6SS

Note: only experimentally validated proteins are displayed in the graph.


T6SS ID T6SS01248 experimental
T6SS type Type Unknown
Strain Erwinia amylovora strain NCPPB1665
Replicon (GenBank) (-)
Location -
Function anti-bacterial; anti-eukaryotic
Comment T6SS of E. amylovora contribute to virulence, affect amylovoran production and influence levan production
[1] Tian Y, Zhao Y, Shi L, Cui Z, Hu B, Zhao Y. et al (2017) Type VI Secretion Systems of Erwinia amylovora Contribute to Bacterial Competition, Virulence, and Exopolysaccharide Production.. Phytopathology. 107(6):654-661. [PudMed:28421913]
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed.