Detailed information of T6SS

Note: only experimentally validated proteins are displayed in the graph.


T6SS ID T6SS00932 experimental
T6SS type Type Unknown
Strain Burkholderia pseudomallei Bp340
Replicon (GenBank) (-)
Location -
Function anti-eukaryotic
Comment VgrG5 mediates membrane fusion during intercellular spread by Pseudomallei group Burkholderia species; VgrG5 C-terminal domain is required for T6SS-mediated cell death.
[1] Toesca IJ et al (2014) The Type VI Secretion System Spike Protein VgrG5 Mediates Membrane Fusion during Intercellular Spread by Pseudomallei Group Burkholderia Species. Infect Immun. 82(4):1436-44. [PudMed:24421040]
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed.