StrainEscherichia coli S88
Repliconplasmid pECOS88 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
insolico This T4SS is identified in this study.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_011747
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pECS88_0055 (psiB)44704..45141 [+], 438218534526plasmid SOS inhibition protein B 
2pECS88_0056 (psiA)45138..45857 [+], 720218534527plasmid SOS inhibition protein A 
3pECS88_0057 (flmC)45991..46290 [+], 300218534528modulator of post-segregation killing protein 
4pECS88_0059 (yubN)46532..46849 [-], 318218534529conserved hypothetical protein YubN 
5pECS88_0060 (yubO)47193..47480 [+], 288218534530hypothetical protein 
6pECS88_0061 (yubP)47518..48420 [+], 903218534531hypothetical protein 
7pECS88_0062 (yubQ)48716..49225 [-], 510218534532lytic transglycosylase  Orf169_F
8pECS88_0063 (traM)49640..50023 [+], 384218534533conjugal transfer protein TraM  TraM_F
9pECS88_0064 (traJ)50129..50899 [+], 771218534534conjugal transfer transcriptional regulator TraJ 
10pECS88_0065 (traY)50992..51393 [+], 402218534535conjugal transfer protein TraY  TraY_F
11pECS88_0066 (traA)51426..51791 [+], 366218534536conjugal transfer pilin subunit TraA  TraA_F
12pECS88_0067 (traL)51806..52117 [+], 312218534537conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraL  TraL_F
13pECS88_0068 (traE)52139..52705 [+], 567218534538conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraE  TraE_F
14pECS88_0069 (traK)52692..53420 [+], 729218534539conjugal transfer protein TraK  TraK_F
15pECS88_0070 (traB)53420..54847 [+], 1428218534540conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraB  TraB_F
16pECS88_0071 (traP)54837..55427 [+], 591218534541conjugal transfer protein TraP 
17pECS88_0072 (trbD)55381..55611 [+], 231218534542conjugal transfer protein TrbD 
18pECS88_0073 (trbG)55623..55874 [+], 252218534543conjugal transfer protein TrbG 
19pECS88_0074 (traV)55871..56386 [+], 516218534544conjugal transfer protein TraV  TraV_F
20pECS88_0075 (traR)56521..56742 [+], 222218534545conjugal transfer protein TraR 
21pECS88_0077 (traC)56902..59529 [+], 2628218534546conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC  TraC_F
22pECS88_0078 (trbI)59526..59912 [+], 387218534547conjugal transfer protein TrbI 
23pECS88_0079 (traW)59909..60541 [+], 633218534548conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW  TraW_F
24pECS88_0080 (traU)60538..61530 [+], 993218534549conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU  TraU_F
25pECS88_0081 (trbC)61536..62177 [+], 642218534550conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TrbC  TrbC_F
26pECS88_0082 (traN)62174..63982 [+], 1809218534551conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN  TraN_F
27pECS88_0083 (trbE)64006..64266 [+], 261218534552conjugal transfer protein TrbE 
28pECS88_0084 (traF)64229..65002 [+], 774218534553conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF  TraF_F
29pECS88_0085 (traQ)65484..65768 [+], 285218534554conjugal transfer pilin chaperone TraQ  TraQ_F
30pECS88_0086 (trbB)65755..66300 [+], 546218534555conjugal transfer protein TrbB 
31pECS88_0087 (trbJ)66230..66592 [+], 363218534556conjugal transfer protein TrbJ 
32pECS88_0088 (traH)66589..67965 [+], 1377218534557conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH  TraH_F
33pECS88_0089 (traG)67962..70472 [+], 2511218534558conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG  TraG_F
34pECS88_0091 (traS)70791..71306 [+], 516218534559surface exclusion inner membrane protein TraS 
35pECS88_0092 (traT)71239..72069 [+], 831218534560conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein TraT 
36pECS88_0093 (traD)72321..74474 [+], 2154218534561conjugal transfer protein TraD  TraD_F
37pECS88_0094 (traI)74474..79744 [+], 5271218534562conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI  TraI_F
38pECS88_0095 (traX)79764..80510 [+], 747218534563conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX  TraX_F
39pECS88_0096 (finO)80514..81125 [+], 612218534564conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO 
40pECS88_0097 (yigA)81263..81475 [+], 213218534565hypothetical protein 
41pECS88_0098 (yigB)81658..82119 [+], 462218534566putative nuclease YigB 
42pECS88_0099 (repA2)82164..82424 [+], 261218534567replication protein 
43pECS88_0100 (repA1)82705..83574 [+], 870218534568replication protein 
44pECS88_0101 (yacA)84490..84759 [+], 270218534569conserved hypothetical protein YacA, possible repressor 
45pECS88_0102 (yacB)84756..85037 [+], 282218534570putative plasmid stabilisation system protein YacB 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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Identified as part of this study from NC_011747