• T4EffPred, A web server for T4SS effector prediction
  • AtlasT4SS, A curated database for type IV secretion systems
Bioinformatics tools used by SecReT4
  • PostgreSQL, an open source relational database management system
  • WU-BLAST, the Washington University improved version of BLAST
  • MUSCLE, protein multiple sequence alignment
  • Jalview, a multiple alignment editor written in Java
  • CGview, generate circular genome maps
    HMMER, sequence analysis using profile hidden Markov models
Public database, to which SecReT4 has a hyperlink path
Other tools or servers of interest
  • NCBI Microbial Genomes
  • VFDB, Virulence Factor database
  • Effective, a database of predicted secreted bacterial proteins
  • T3DB, an integrated database for bacterial Type III Secretion System
  • T3SEdb, data warehousing of virulence effectors secreted by the bacterial Type III Secretion System
  • SSPred, a prediction server based on SVM for the identification and classification of proteins involved in bacterial secretion systems.