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RefSeq accession of a chromosome or a plasmid (e.g. "NC_002377"). Click here for a full list of all T4SS-containing replicons in the database.

T4SS name
Entries including " Ptl, VirB, Lvh, Prg/Pcf, ComB, Cjp, Tcp, Tra_F, Cag, Tra_p, Ydd, Trb, Trw, Dot/Icm, Tfc, MagB, Tra_I, Tra_Tn" are accepted.

For example, "conjugation", "DNA uptake", "DNA release" or "effector translocation ".

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For example, "VirB1".

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Some effectors have common names (e.g. "CagA"). If you can't find any results, try gene names or locus tags.

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NCBI protein ID is accepted (e.g. "15645173").