T4SS ID381
StrainPlasmid pIPO2T
Repliconplasmid pIPO2T [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_003213
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pIPO2T_p14 (traQ)12879..13457 [-], 57916751950TraQ protein 
2pIPO2T_p15 (traP)13471..14031 [-], 56116751949TraP protein 
3pIPO2T_p16 (traO)14428..16620 [-], 219316751948TraO protein 
4pIPO2T_p1716632..17330 [-], 69916751947hypothetical 25.4 kDa protein 
5pIPO2T_p18 (traN)17424..19937 [-], 251416751946TraN protein  VirD4
6pIPO2T_p19 (traM)20485..21552 [-], 106816751945TraM protein  VirB11
7pIPO2T_p20 (traL)21536..22687 [-], 115216751944TraL protein  VirB10
8pIPO2T_p21 (traK)22687..23559 [-], 87316751943TraK protein  VirB9
9pIPO2T_p22 (traJ)23556..24266 [-], 71116751942TraJ protein  VirB8
10pIPO2T_p23 (traI)24272..24436 [-], 16516751941TraI protein  VirB7
11pIPO2T_p24 (traH)24573..25655 [-], 108316751940TraH protein  VirB6
12pIPO2T_p25 (traG)25667..25963 [-], 29716751939TraG protein 
13pIPO2T_p26 (traF)26066..26785 [-], 72016751938TraF protein  VirB5
14pIPO2T_p27 (traE)26791..29271 [-], 248116751937TraE protein  VirB4
15pIPO2T_p28 (traD)29278..29601 [-], 32416751936TraD protein  VirB3
16pIPO2T_p29 (traC)29611..29919 [-], 30916751935TraC protein  VirB2
17pIPO2T_p30 (traB)30050..32398 [-], 234916751934TraB protein 
18pIPO2T_p31 (traA)32408..33169 [-], 76216751933TraA protein  VirB1
19pIPO2T_p3233227..33622 [-], 39616751932hypothetical 15.3 kDa protein 
20pIPO2T_p3334471..35529 [-], 105916751969hypothetical 37 kDa protein 
21pIPO2T_p3435617..35883 [+], 26721735069hypothetical 9.8 kDa protein 
22pIPO2T_p3535945..36181 [+], 23721735070hypothetical 8.5 kDa protein 
23pIPO2T_p3636190..36606 [+], 41721735071hypothetical 16 kDa protein 
24pIPO2T_p3736603..36740 [+], 13821735072hypothetical 5.2 kDa protein 
25pIPO2T_p3836761..37027 [+], 26721735073hypothetical 9.4 kDa protein 
26pIPO2T_p3937036..37299 [+], 26421735074hypothetical 9.3 kDa protein 
27pIPO2T_p4037316..37540 [+], 22521735075hypothetical 8 kDa protein 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Tauch A; Schneiker S; Selbitschka W; Puhler A; van Overbeek LS; Smalla K; Thomas CM; Bailey MJ; Forney LJ; Weightman A; Ceglowski P; Pembroke T; Tietze E; Schroder G; Lanka E; van Elsas JD (2002). The complete nucleotide sequence and environmental distribution of the cryptic, conjugative, broad-host-range plasmid pIPO2 isolated from bacteria of the wheat rhizosphere. Microbiology. 148(Pt 6):1637-53. [PudMed:12055285]