StrainEscherichia coli plasmid pMAR7 (NC_010862)
Repliconplasmid pMAR7 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_010862
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1MAR040 (copB)37233..37481 [-], 249190014898replication protein 
2MAR041 (srnB')37765..37914 [-], 150190014899Post-segregational killing toxin 
3MAR04238103..39476 [+], 1374190014900ISEc13 transposase 
4MAR043 (finO)39509..40066 [-], 558190014901conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO 
5MAR04440169..41029 [-], 861190014902hypothetical protein 
6MAR045 (traX)41088..41834 [-], 747190014903conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX  TraX_F
7MAR046 (traI)41854..47145 [-], 5292190014904conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI  TraI_F
8MAR047 (trbH)47121..47840 [-], 720190014905hypothetical protein 
9MAR148 (mvpT)47206..47433 [+], 228190014906Post-segregational killing toxin 
10MAR111 (mvpA)47433..47831 [+], 399190014907plasmid maintenance protein 
11MAR048 (traD)47840..49993 [-], 2154190014908conjugal transfer protein TraD  TraD_F
12MAR049 (traT)50246..50977 [-], 732190014909conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein TraT 
13MAR050 (traS)50991..51476 [-], 486190014910conjugal transfer entry exclusion protein TraS 
14MAR051 (traG)51497..54322 [-], 2826190014911conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG  TraG_F
15MAR052 (traH1)54319..55692 [-], 1374190014912conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH  TraH_F
16MAR053 (trbF)55692..56072 [-], 381190014913conjugal transfer protein TrbF 
17MAR054 (trbJ)56059..56400 [-], 342190014914conjugal transfer protein TrbJ 
18MAR055 (trbB)56330..56875 [-], 546190014915conjugal transfer protein TrbB 
19MAR056 (traQ)56862..57146 [-], 285190014916conjugal transfer pilin chaperone TraQ  TraQ_F
20MAR057 (artA)57227..57541 [+], 315190014917hypothetical protein 
21MAR058 (trbA)57543..57890 [-], 348190014918conjugal transfer protein TrbA 
22MAR059 (traF)57906..58667 [-], 762190014919conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF  TraF_F
23MAR060 (trbE)58642..58902 [-], 261190014920conjugal transfer protein TrbE 
24MAR061 (traN)58927..60735 [-], 1809190014921conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN  TraN_F
25MAR062 (trbC)60732..61370 [-], 639190014922conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TrbC  TrbC_F
26MAR063 (traU)61379..62371 [-], 993190014923conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU  TraU_F
27MAR064 (traW)62368..63000 [-], 633190014924conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW  TraW_F
28MAR065 (trbI)62997..63383 [-], 387190014925conjugal transfer protein TrbI 
29MAR066 (traC)63380..66007 [-], 2628190014926conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC  TraC_F
30MAR067 (traR)66167..66388 [-], 222190014927conjugal transfer protein TraR 
31MAR068 (traV)66523..67038 [-], 516190014928conjugal transfer protein TraV  TraV_F
32MAR069 (trbG)67035..67286 [-], 252190014929conjugal transfer protein TrbG 
33MAR070 (trbD)67279..67599 [-], 321190014930conjugal transfer protein TrbD 
34MAR071 (traP)67586..68176 [-], 591190014931conjugal transfer protein TraP 
35MAR072 (traB)68166..69593 [-], 1428190014932conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraB  TraB_F
36MAR073 (traK)69593..70321 [-], 729190014933conjugal transfer protein TraK  TraK_F
37MAR074 (traE)70308..70874 [-], 567190014934conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraE  TraE_F
38MAR075 (traL)70896..71207 [-], 312190014935conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraL  TraL_F
39MAR076 (traA)71222..71587 [-], 366190014936conjugal transfer pilin subunit TraA  TraA_F
40MAR077 (traY)71621..71848 [-], 228190014937conjugal transfer protein TraY  TraY_F
41MAR078 (traJ)71943..72629 [-], 687190014938transcriptional activator 
42MAR079 (traM)72819..73202 [-], 384190014939conjugal transfer protein TraM  TraM_Faccesspry protein
43MAR08073535..74137 [+], 603190014940lytic transglycosylase  Orf169_F
44MAR081 (ygeB)74433..75254 [-], 822190014941hypothetical protein 
45MAR08276525..77898 [-], 1374190014942ISEc13 transposase 
46MAR08378005..78481 [-], 477190014943Truncated chimeric protein 
accesspry protein This T4SS contains information of accessory protein.
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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The information on requirements for T4SS substrate-channel docking

Certain T4SS substrates require secretion chaperones for translocation. These chaperones often possess physical properties (small size of 15 kDa, acidic pI, and amphipathic helices) resembling those of chaperones associated with the type III secretion systems, a family of macromolecular translocation systems ancestrally related to bacterial flagella.

#Accessory protein(GI)motif(s)Substrate(s)FunctionReference
1TraM (190014939)NDTraIFor transfer initiation, traM mediates signalling between the relaxosome and transferosome.(1) PubMed: 22788760
1.Substrate(s): For the conjugation systems, the listed proteins are relaxases that bind a cognate T4CP and are delivered to recipient cells. For the effector translocator systems, the listed proteins are effectors that play a role in the infection processes of the bacterial pathogen.
2.motif(s):The motifs listed are required for substrate translocation. In some cases, the protein or its C-terminal fragment (CT) is sufficient to mediate translocation to target cells, as shown by fusion to a reporter protein such as Cre recombinase or adenylate cyclase. Amino acids (aa) at positions listed relative to the C-terminal fragment (subscript) are required for translocation, as shown by mutational analysis. ND, not determined. Parentheses indicate that the interaction between a protein substrate and a cognate T4CP has been experimentally shown.
3.Accessory protein: Accessory factors required for T4SS channel docking or translocation. The proposed function in mediating substrate-T4SS channel docking is shown in parentheses.PubMed:19946141

(1) Wong JJ; Lu J; Glover JN (2012). Relaxosome function and conjugation regulation in F-like plasmids - a structural biology perspective. Mol Microbiol. 85(4):602-17. [PudMed:22788760]
(1) Brinkley C; Burland V; Keller R; Rose DJ; Boutin AT; Klink SA; Blattner FR; Kaper JB (2006). Nucleotide sequence analysis of the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli adherence factor plasmid pMAR7. Infect Immun. 74(9):5408-13. [PudMed:16926437]