StrainPlasmid F
Repliconplasmid F [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed on this T4SS.
structure Information of structure: structureTraI c-terminal domain, TraI bound to ssDNA, TraI (381-569), TraI, TraI with the Scissile Thymidine Base, TraM-traD, TraI with the Scissile Thymidine Base and Imidodiphosphate

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_002483
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1D616_p97097 (psiB)61551..61985 [+], 4359507776hypothetical protein 
2D616_p97098 (psiA)61982..62701 [+], 7209507777hypothetical protein 
3D616_p97102 (flmC)62918..63130 [+], 2139507778hypothetical protein 
4D616_p97103 (flmA)62976..63134 [+], 1599507779hypothetical protein 
5D616_p97004 (ygdA)63372..63689 [-], 3189507780hypothetical protein 
6D616_p97003 (ygeA)64032..64319 [+], 2889507781hypothetical protein 
7D616_p97002 (ygeB)64438..65259 [+], 8229507782hypothetical protein 
8D616_p97001 (ygfA)65556..66065 [-], 5109507783hypothetical protein  Orf169_F
9D616_p97066 (traM)66479..66862 [+], 3849507784hypothetical protein  TraM_F
10D616_p97072 (traJ)67049..67738 [+], 6909507785hypothetical protein 
11D616_p97057 (traY)67837..68232 [+], 3969507786hypothetical protein  TraY_F
12D616_p97080 (traA)68265..68630 [+], 3669507787prepropilin  TraA_F
13D616_p97069 (traL)68645..68956 [+], 3129507788hypothetical protein  TraL_F
14D616_p97074 (traE)68978..69544 [+], 5679507789hypothetical protein  TraE_F
15D616_p97071 (traK)69531..70259 [+], 7299507790hypothetical protein  TraK_F
16D616_p97076 (traB)70259..71686 [+], 14289507791hypothetical protein  TraB_F
17D616_p97064 (traP)71676..72266 [+], 5919507792hypothetical protein 
18D616_p97051 (trbD)72253..72450 [+], 1989507793hypothetical protein 
19D616_p97049 (trbG)72462..72713 [+], 2529507794hypothetical protein 
20D616_p97059 (traV)72710..73225 [+], 5169507795hypothetical protein  TraV_F
21D616_p97062 (traR)73360..73581 [+], 2229507796hypothetical protein 
22D616_p97075 (traC)73741..76368 [+], 26289507797hypothetical protein  TraC_F
23D616_p97048 (trbI)76365..76751 [+], 3879507798hypothetical protein 
24D616_p97058 (traW)76748..77380 [+], 6339507799hypothetical protein  TraW_F
25D616_p97061 (traU)77377..78369 [+], 9939507800hypothetical protein  TraU_F
26D616_p97053 (trbC)78378..79016 [+], 6399507801hypothetical protein  TrbC_F
27D616_p97065 (traN)79013..80821 [+], 18099507802hypothetical protein  TraN_F
28D616_p97050 (trbE)80845..81105 [+], 2619507803hypothetical protein 
29D616_p97073 (traF)81068..81841 [+], 7749507804hypothetical protein  TraF_F
30D616_p97055 (trbA)81857..82204 [+], 3489507805hypothetical protein 
31D616_p97107 (artA)82206..82520 [-], 3159507806hypothetical protein 
32D616_p97070 (traQ)82601..82885 [+], 2859507807hypothetical protein  TraQ_F
33D616_p97060 (trbB)82872..83417 [+], 5469507808hypothetical protein 
34D616_p97052 (trbJ)83347..83688 [+], 3429507809hypothetical protein 
35D616_p97056 (trbF)83675..84055 [+], 3819507810hypothetical protein 
36D616_p97078 (traH)84052..85428 [+], 13779507811hypothetical protein  TraH_F
37D616_p97079 (traG)85425..88241 [+], 28179507812hypothetical protein  TraG_F
38D616_p97068 (traS)88274..88795 [+], 5229507813surface exclusion protien 
39D616_p97067 (traT)88817..89551 [+], 7359507814surface exclusion protien 
40D616_p97082 (traD)89804..91957 [+], 21549507815hypothetical protein  TraD_F
41D616_p97054 (trbH)91957..92676 [+], 7209507816hypothetical protein 
42D616_p97077 (traI)92673..97943 [+], 52719507817hypothetical protein  TraI_F
43D616_p97063 (traX)97963..98709 [+], 7479507818hypothetical protein  TraX_F
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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The information on regulatory element

The information on structure of this T4ss

1TraI1P4D PDB (1P4D)F factor TraI Relaxase Domain.(1) PubMed: 14604527
2TraI (381-569)2L8B PDB (2L8B)TraI (381-569)(2) PubMed: 22611034
3TraI bound to ssDNA2A0I PDB (2A0I)F Factor TraI Relaxase Domain bound to F oriT Single-stranded DNA.(3) PubMed: 16216584
4TraI c-terminal domain3FLD PDB (3FLD)Crystal structure of the trai c-terminal domain.(4) PubMed: 19136009
5TraI with the Scissile Thymidine Base2Q7T PDB (2Q7T)Crystal Structure of the F plasmid TraI Relaxase Domain with the Scissile Thymidine Base.(5) PubMed: 17630285
6TraI with the Scissile Thymidine Base and Imidodiphosphate2Q7U PDB (2Q7U)Crystal Structure of the F plasmid TraI Relaxase Domain with the Scissile Thymidine Base and Imidodiphosphate.(6) PubMed: 17630285
7TraM-traD3D8A PDB (3D8A)Co-crystal structure of TraM-TraD complex.(7) PubMed: 18717787
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experimental This literature contains experimental investigation