T4SS ID611
StrainErwinia amylovora plasmid pEU30 (NC_005247)
Repliconplasmid pEU30 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_005247
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pEU30p023106..3396 [+], 29138638160hypothetical protein 
2pEU30p033406..3717 [+], 31238638161hypothetical protein 
3pEU30p043730..3960 [+], 23138638162hypothetical protein 
4pEU30p054045..4335 [+], 29138638163hypothetical protein 
5pEU30p06 (codB)4255..5583 [-], 132938638164cytosine permease 
6pEU30p075598..6281 [-], 68438638165hypothetical protein 
7pEU30p086308..6715 [-], 40838638166hypothetical protein 
8pEU30p096967..7434 [+], 46838638167hypothetical protein 
9pEU30p10 (virB1)7731..8390 [+], 66038638168conjugative transfer protein  VirB1
10pEU30p118573..8827 [+], 25538638169hypothetical protein  VirB2
11pEU30p12 (virB3)8800..9195 [+], 39638638170conjugative transfer protein  VirB3
12pEU30p13 (virB4)9152..11659 [+], 250838638171conjugative transfer protein  VirB4
13pEU30p14 (virB5)11649..12329 [+], 68138638172conjugative transfer protein  VirB5
14pEU30p15 (virB6)12356..13282 [+], 92738638173conjugative transfer protein  VirB6
15pEU30p16 (virB8)13486..14295 [+], 81038638174conjugative transfer protein  VirB8
16pEU30p17 (virB9)14292..15119 [+], 82838638175conjugative transfer protein  VirB9
17pEU30p18 (virB10)15106..16467 [+], 136238638176conjugative transfer protein  VirB10
18pEU30p19 (virB11)17263..18345 [+], 108338638177conjugative transfer protein  VirB11
19pEU30p20 (virD4)18695..20302 [+], 160838638178conjugative transfer protein  VirD4
20pEU30p2120735..22219 [+], 148538638179autoagglutinating adhesin 
21pEU30p22 (ssb)22827..23351 [+], 52538638180single-stranded DNA-binding protein 
22pEU30p2323776..24348 [-], 57338638181hypothetical protein 
23pEU30p2424358..25065 [-], 70838638182hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Foster GC; McGhee GC; Jones AL; Sundin GW (2004). Nucleotide sequences, genetic organization, and distribution of pEU30 and pEL60 from Erwinia amylovora. Appl Environ Microbiol. 70(12):7539-44. [PudMed:15574957]