T4SS ID536
StrainAliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238
Repliconplasmid pVSAL840 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_011311
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1VSAL_RS21720111..281 [+], 171501543727TraY domain-containing protein  TraY_F
2VSAL_RS21725 (traA)426..704 [+], 279765017576type IV conjugative transfer system pilin TraA 
3VSAL_RS21730 (traL)733..1035 [+], 303501543729type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraL  TraL_F
4VSAL_RS21735 (traE)1035..1595 [+], 561501543730type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraE  TraE_F
5VSAL_RS21740 (traK)1592..2347 [+], 756501543731type-F conjugative transfer system secretin TraK  TraK_F
6VSAL_RS217452337..3767 [+], 1431501543732conjugal transfer protein TraB  TraB_F
7VSAL_RS21750 (traV)3780..4181 [+], 402501543733type IV conjugative transfer system lipoprotein TraV  TraV_F
8VSAL_RS21755 (traC)4191..6722 [+], 2532501543734type IV secretion system protein TraC  TraC_F
9VSAL_RS21760 (trbI)6719..7066 [+], 348501543735type-F conjugative transfer system protein TrbI 
10VSAL_RS21765 (traW)7063..7719 [+], 657501543736type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW  TraW_F
11VSAL_RS21770 (traU)7732..8736 [+], 1005501543737conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU  TraU_F
12VSAL_RS234858757..9122 [+], 366765017567hypothetical protein 
13VSAL_RS21780 (trbC)9119..9817 [+], 699765017568type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC 
14VSAL_RS21785 (traN)9821..11539 [+], 1719501543739type-F conjugative transfer system mating-pair stabilization protein TraN  TraN_F
15VSAL_RS21790 (traF)11549..12292 [+], 744501543740type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TraF  TraF_F
16VSAL_RS2179512330..13049 [+], 720765017569hypothetical protein 
17VSAL_RS21800 (trbB)13119..13544 [+], 426501543742type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly thiol-disulfide isomerase TrbB 
18VSAL_RS2180513541..14926 [+], 1386501543743conjugal transfer protein TraH  TraH_F
19VSAL_RS21810 (traG)14923..17718 [+], 2796501543744conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG  TraG_F
20VSAL_RS2181517817..18314 [+], 498501543745hypothetical protein 
21VSAL_RS21820 (traD)18326..20404 [+], 2079501543746type IV conjugative transfer system coupling protein TraD  TraD_F
22VSAL_RS21825 (traI)20545..26355 [+], 5811501543747conjugative transfer relaxase/helicase TraI  TraI_F
23VSAL_RS2183026399..26752 [-], 354501543748hypothetical protein 
24VSAL_RS2183527390..27827 [-], 438501543749lytic transglycosylase domain-containing protein  Orf169_F
25VSAL_RS2184027861..28256 [-], 396501543750hypothetical protein 
26VSAL_RS2184528293..29294 [-], 1002501543751DUF1738 domain-containing protein 
27VSAL_RS2360029539..29730 [+], 1921789760405hypothetical protein 
28VSAL_RS2185030133..30489 [-], 357501543752hypothetical protein 
29VSAL_RS2185530649..31068 [-], 420501543753hypothetical protein 
30VSAL_RS2186031361..31636 [+], 276501543754HU family DNA-binding protein 
31VSAL_RS2186531792..32052 [-], 261501543755hypothetical protein 
32VSAL_RS2187032178..32468 [-], 291501543756hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Hjerde E; Lorentzen MS; Holden MT; Seeger K; Paulsen S; Bason N; Churcher C; Harris D; Norbertczak H; Quail MA; Sanders S; Thurston S; Parkhill J; Willassen NP; Thomson NR (2008). The genome sequence of the fish pathogen Aliivibrio salmonicida strain LFI1238 shows extensive evidence of gene decay. BMC Genomics. 0.802777778. [PudMed:19099551]