T4SS ID237
StrainRhizobium etli CFN 42
Repliconplasmid p42a [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed on this T4SS.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_007762
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1RHE_PA00150163928..164548 [-], 62186359848hypothetical protein 
2RHE_PA00151164538..164846 [+], 30986359849hypothetical protein 
3RHE_PA00152164992..165333 [+], 34286359850hypothetical protein 
4RHE_PA00153165670..166161 [+], 49286359851hypothetical protein 
5RHE_PA00154166701..166904 [-], 20486359852hypothetical protein 
6RHE_PA00155167155..167733 [-], 57986359853nuclease 
7RHE_PA00156 (traGa)167977..169914 [-], 193886359854conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG  TraG
8RHE_PA00157 (traDa)169946..170161 [-], 21686359855conjugal transfer protein TraD 
9RHE_PA00158 (traCa)170166..170462 [-], 29786359856conjugal transfer protein TraC 
10RHE_PA00159 (traAa)170721..174032 [+], 331286359857Dtr system oriT relaxase 
11RHE_PA00160 (traF)174029..174595 [+], 56786359858conjugal transfer pilin processing protease TraF  TraF
12RHE_PA00161 (traB)174585..175748 [+], 116486359859conjugal transfer protein TraB 
13RHE_PA00162 (traH)175766..176380 [+], 61586359860conjugal transfer protein TraH 
14RHE_PA00163176398..176775 [-], 37886359861hypothetical protein 
15RHE_PA00164176772..177404 [-], 63386359862hypothetical protein 
16RHE_PA00165177508..177729 [-], 22286359863transcriptional regulator protein 
17RHE_PA00166 (traM)177958..178278 [+], 32186359864conjugal transfer transcriptional regulator (repressor) protein 
18RHE_PA00167 (traR)178282..179001 [-], 72086359865conjugal transfer transcriptional regulator protein 
19RHE_PA00168 (cinRa)179066..179851 [-], 78686359866autoinducer transcriptional regulator protein 
20RHE_PA00169 (trbI)179970..181277 [-], 130886359867conjugal transfer protein TrbI  TrbI
21RHE_PA00170 (trbH)181290..181727 [-], 43886359868conjugal transfer protein TrbH  TrbH
22RHE_PA00171 (trbG)181731..182543 [-], 81386359869conjugal transfer protein TrbG  TrbG
23RHE_PA00172 (trbF)182561..183223 [-], 66386359870conjugal transfer protein TrbF  TrbF
24RHE_PA00173 (trbL)183248..184666 [-], 141986359871conjugal transfer protein TrbL  TrbL
25RHE_PA00174 (trbJ)184614..185417 [-], 80486359872conjugal transfer protein TrbJ  TrbJ
26RHE_PA00175 (trbE)185389..187845 [-], 245786359873conjugal transfer protein TrbE  TrbE
27RHE_PA00176 (trbD)187855..188154 [-], 30086359874conjugal transfer protein TrbD  TrbD
28RHE_PA00177 (trbC)188147..188530 [-], 38486359875conjugal transfer protein C  TrbC
29RHE_PA00178 (trbB)188520..189497 [-], 97886359876conjugal transfer protein TrbB  TrbB
30RHE_PA00179 (traIa)189508..190131 [-], 62486359877autoinducer synthesis protein 
31RHE_PA00180 (repAa1)190505..191722 [+], 121886359878plasmid-partitioning protein RepA 
32RHE_PA00181 (repBa1)191823..192830 [+], 100886359879plasmid partitioning protein RepB 
33RHE_PA00182 (repCa1)193018..194229 [+], 121286359880replication initiation protein RepC 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Tun-Garrido C; Bustos P; Gonzalez V; Brom S (2003). Conjugative transfer of p42a from rhizobium etli CFN42, which is required for mobilization of the symbiotic plasmid, is regulated by quorum sensing. J Bacteriol. 185(5):1681-92. [PudMed:12591886]