oriTDB: a web-based resource for the origin sites of DNA transfer (oriT)
in bacterial mobile genetic elements
   Bacterial mobile genetic elements (MGEs), such as integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs) and plasmids, have been highlighted as important vehicles for dissemination of pathogenesis and antimicrobial-resistance determinants. The mechanism of DNA processing and replication include an origin region of transfer (oriT), a relaxase, other conjugation transfer proteins and the ability to undergo rolling-circle, extrachromosomal replication.
   oriTfinder is a web server that facilitates rapid identification of the origin site of DNA transfer (oriT) of a conjugative plasmid or a chromosome-borne integrative and conjugative element.
The database oriTDB currently contains details of transfer origin regions (oriT), nicking sites (nic), relaxases and auxiliary DNA-binding proteins, type IV coupling proteins (T4CP), as well as a collection of directly related references.

X. Li, Y. Xie, M. Liu, C. Tai, J. Sun, Z. Deng, H.Y. Ou (2018) oriTfinder: a web-based tool for the identification of origin of transfers in DNA sequences of bacterial mobile genetic elements. Nucleic Acids Research, 46(W1):W229–W234. DOI: 10.1093/nar/gky352. [Abstract]
Current version: 1.0 | Since: May 2017
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