Information of plasmid
ID 960
Plasmid name pNE1280
GenBank accession number NC_019346.1
Incompatibility group IncL/M(pMU407)
Genome size 66531 bp
Coordinate of oriT  [Strand] 31539..31754 [-]
Drug resistance _
Heavy-metal resistance _
Virulence factor _
Xenobiotic degradation _
Strain [Taxonomy ID] Enterobacter cloacae 1623 [550]

[1] Bryant KA et al (2013) KPC-4 Is encoded within a truncated Tn4401 in an IncL/M plasmid, pNE1280, isolated from Enterobacter cloacae and Serratia marcescens. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 57(1):37-41. [PMID:23070154]