Information of plasmid
ID 85
Plasmid name pGO1
GenBank accession number NC_012547.1
Incompatibility group Inc18
Genome size 54000 bp
Coordinate of oriT  [Strand] 10191..10226 [+]
Drug resistance experimental aminoglycoside resistance; resistance to trimethoprim,bleomycin and quaternary ammonium compounds
Heavy-metal resistance _
Virulence factor _
Xenobiotic degradation _
Strain [Taxonomy ID] Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus 4220 [1280]

[1] Caryl JA et al (2009) Complete nucleotide sequence of pGO1, the prototype conjugative plasmid from the Staphylococci. Plasmid. 62(1):35-8. [PMID:19298835]
[2] Archer GL et al (1986) Plasmid-encoded trimethoprim resistance in staphylococci. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 29(5):733-40. [PMID:3729338]