Information of plasmid
ID 51
Plasmid name pKLH80
GenBank accession number HF953351.1
Incompatibility group IncP1
Genome size 14835 bp
Coordinate of oriT  [Strand] 1..117 [-]
Drug resistance insolico genes encoding resistance to streptomycin and tetracycline; carbenicillin-hydrolysing beta-lactamase gene: blaRTG-6
Heavy-metal resistance _
Virulence factor _
Xenobiotic degradation _
Strain [Taxonomy ID] Gram-negative Psychrobacter maritimus MR29-12 [256325]

[1] Petrova M et al (2014) Genetic structure and biological properties of the first ancient multiresistance plasmid pKLH80 isolated from a permafrost bacterium. Microbiology. 160(Pt 10):2253-63. [PMID:25063046]