Information of plasmid
ID 15
Plasmid name pB10
GenBank accession number AJ564903.1
Incompatibility group IncP1
Genome size 64508 bp
Coordinate of oriT  [Strand] 31293..31595 [+]
Drug resistance experimental resistance to amoxicillin, streptomycin, sulfonamides and tetracycline
Heavy-metal resistance experimental mercury resistance
Virulence factor _
Xenobiotic degradation _
Strain [Taxonomy ID] Uncultured bacterium [77133]

[1] Schl├╝ter A et al (2003) The 64 508 bp IncP-1beta antibiotic multiresistance plasmid pB10 isolated from a waste-water treatment plant provides evidence for recombination between members of different branches of the IncP-1beta group. Microbiology. 149(Pt 11):3139-53. [PMID:14600226]