Microbial Bioinformatics Group at MML, SJTU

Database and tool:

ICEberg and ICEfinder: integrative and conjugative elements found in Bacteria.

ICEO: a biological ontology for representing and analyzing bacterial integrative and conjugative elements.

KpVR: replicons, antibiotic resistance/virulence genes in K. pneumoniae plasmids.

oriTDB and oriTfinder: the origin sites of DNA transfer (oriT) in bacterial mobile genetic elements.

SecReT4: bacterial type IV secretion systems (T4SS).

T4SEfinder: predict type IV secreted effectors (T4SE).

SecReT6: bacterial type VI secretion systems (T6SS).

ThioBase and ThioFinder: thiopeptides featured in genetics and chemistry.

TADB2 and TAfinder: toxin-antitoxin loci in Bacteria and Archaea.

VRprofile2: detection of antibiotic resistance-associated mobilome in bacterial pathogens.

VRprofile: mobile genetic elements, virulence/antibiotic resistance genes.

dndDB: phosphorothioation of the DNA backbone.