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Known thiopeptide entities along with their chemical structures.

#ThiopeptideGenotypeSeriesNumber of AnaloguesGene Cluster
168-1147 II  a and b  1 unknown
2A10255 III  d  4 unknown
3A-8506 II  a and b  1 unknown
4amythiamicin III  d  4 unknown
5berninamycin III  d  4 unknown
6bryamycin II  a and b  1 unknown
7cyclothiazomycin III  d  2 gene clusterexperimental 
8GE2270 III  d  10 gene clusterexperimental 
9GE37468 III  d  3 gene clusterexperimental 
10geninthiocin III  d  2 unknown
11glycothiohexide I  e  2 unknown
12JBIR-83-4 III  d  2 unknown
13methylsulfomycin III  d  1 unknown
14micrococcin III  d  2 unknown
15MJ347-81F4 I  e  2 unknown
16multhiomycin I  e  1 unknown
17neoberninamycin -  d  1 unknown
18nocardithiocin III  d  1 unknown
19nocathiacin I  e  4 gene clusterexperimental 
20nosiheptide I  e  1 gene clusterexperimental 
21promoinducin III  d  1 unknown
22promothiocin III  d  2 unknown
23QN3323 III  d  3 unknown
24radamycin III  d  1 unknown
25S-54832 I  e  4 unknown
26Sch 18640 II  a and b  1 unknown
27Sch 40832 II  c  1 unknown
28siomycin II  a and b  4 gene clusterexperimental 
29sulfomycin III  d  3 unknown
30thiactin II  a and b  1 unknown
31thioactin III  d  1 unknown
32thiocillin III  d  4 gene clusterexperimental 
33thiomuracins III  d  9 gene clusterexperimental 
34thiopeptin II  a and b  9 unknown
35thiostrepton II  a and b  2 gene clusterexperimental 
36thiotipin III  d  1 unknown
37thioxamycin III  d  1 unknown
38TP-1161 III  d  1 gene clusterexperimental 
39YM-266183-4 III  d  2 unknown

gene cluster: Biosynthetic gene cluster identified
experimental: Data derived from experimental literature
-  : Unavailable