T4SS ID226
StrainBartonella tribocorum CIP 105476
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_010161
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1Btr_2325 (exbD)2288086..2288691 [-], 606163869098ExbD/TolR-family transport protein 
2Btr_2326 (exbB)2288688..2289563 [-], 876163869099biopolymer transport exbB protein 
3Btr_23282290590..2290928 [+], 339163869100hypothetical protein 
4Btr_23292290932..2291375 [+], 444163869101hypothetical protein 
5Btr_23312291950..2292504 [-], 555163869102hypothetical protein 
6Btr_2332 (vblB2)2292828..2293178 [+], 351163869103VblB2 protein  VirB2
7Btr_2333 (vblB3)2293182..2293520 [+], 339163869104VblB3 protein  VirB3
8Btr_2336 (vblB5)2295876..2296604 [+], 729163869105VblB5 protein  VirB5
9Btr_23382296897..2297313 [+], 417163869106hypothetical protein 
10Btr_2339 (vblB6)2297316..2297720 [+], 405163869107VblB6 protein  VirB6
11Btr_2340 (vblB6)2297747..2298682 [+], 936163869108VblB6 protein 
12Btr_2341 (vblB7)2298689..2298976 [+], 288163869109VblB7 protein  VirB7
13Btr_2342 (vblB8)2298973..2299644 [+], 672163869110VblB8 protein  VirB8
14Btr_2343 (vblB9)2299647..2300498 [+], 852163869111VblB9 protein  VirB9
15Btr_2344 (vblB10)2300545..2301732 [+], 1188163869112VblB10 protein  VirB10
16Btr_2345 (vblB11)2301793..2302848 [+], 1056163869113VblB11 protein  VirB11
17Btr_23462302997..2303401 [+], 405163869114hypothetical protein 
18Btr_23472303685..2304089 [+], 405163869115hypothetical protein 
19Btr_23482304375..2304755 [+], 381163869116hypothetical protein 
20Btr_23502305056..2305649 [-], 594163869117hypothetical protein 
21Btr_23512305636..2305824 [-], 189163869118hypothetical protein 
22Btr_2352 (vap)2306021..2306269 [-], 249163869119virulence-associated protein 
23Btr_23542306635..2306952 [-], 318163869120hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Saenz HL; Engel P; Stoeckli MC; Lanz C; Raddatz G; Vayssier-Taussat M; Birtles R; Schuster SC; Dehio C (2007). Genomic analysis of Bartonella identifies type IV secretion systems as host adaptability factors. Nat Genet. 39(12):1469-76. [PudMed:18037886] experimental
experimental This literature contains experimental investigation