StrainPhotobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida plasmid pP9014 (NC_012919)
Repliconplasmid pP9014 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
Location10269..12697; 28002..39774
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
insolico This T4SS is identified in this study.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_012919
Region 1: 10269..12697
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pP9014_p06 (TraD)7981..8193 [-], 213253723645TraD conjugal transfer protein 
2pP9014_p07 (TraE)8199..10259 [-], 2061253723646TraE DNA topoisomeraseIII 
3pP9014_p08 (TraF)10269..10796 [-], 528253723647TraF protein  TraF
4pP9014_p09 (TraG)10793..12697 [-], 1905253723648TraG conjugal transfer protein  TraG
5pP9014_p10 (TraI)12694..15069 [-], 2376253723649TraI DNA relaxase 
6pP9014_p11 (TraH)12987..13418 [-], 432253723650TraH relaxosome stabilising protein 
7pP9014_p12 (TraJ)15122..15493 [-], 372253723651TraJ oriT-binding protein 
8pP9014_p13 (TraK)15867..16310 [+], 444253723652TraK oriT-binding protein 
9pP9014_p14 (TraL)16310..17035 [+], 726253723653TraL transfer origin protein 
10pP9014_p15 (TraM)17035..17472 [+], 438253723654TraM protein 
Region 2: 28002..39774
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pP9014_p23 (KlcA)23694..24128 [-], 435253723662KlcA protein 
2pP9014_p24 (RepB)24851..25615 [+], 765253723663RepB initiator protein 
3pP9014_p2525972..26304 [-], 333253723664hypothetical protein 
4pP9014_p2626291..26707 [-], 417253723665hypothetical protein 
5pP9014_p2727107..27250 [-], 144253723666truncated Ssb protein 
6pP9014_p28 (TrbA)27351..27728 [+], 378253723667TrbA DNA binding protein 
7pP9014_p29 (TrbB)28002..28991 [+], 990253723668TrbB protein  TrbB
8pP9014_p30 (TrbC)29003..29428 [+], 426253723669TrbC conjugal transfer protein precursor  TrbC
9pP9014_p31 (TrbD)29431..29742 [+], 312253723670TrbD mating pair formation protein  TrbD
10pP9014_p32 (TrbE)29742..32279 [+], 2538253723671TrbE protein  TrbE
11pP9014_p33 (TrbF)32279..33055 [+], 777253723672TrbF protein  TrbF
12pP9014_p34 (TrbG)33073..33978 [+], 906253723673TrbG mating pair formation protein  TrbG
13pP9014_p35 (TrbH)33981..34481 [+], 501253723674TrbH protein  TrbH
14pP9014_p36 (TrbI)34488..35909 [+], 1422253723675TrbI protein  TrbI
15pP9014_p37 (TrbJ)35927..36709 [+], 783253723676TrbJ protein of DNA transfer system  TrbJ
16pP9014_p38 (TrbK)36718..36942 [+], 225253723677TrbK entry exclusion protein  TrbK
17pP9014_p39 (TrbL)36952..38634 [+], 1683253723678TrbL plasmid conjugal transfer protein precursor  TrbL
18pP9014_p40 (TrbN)39160..39774 [+], 615253723679TrbN protein  TrbN
19pP9014_p41 (TrbP)39824..40513 [+], 690253723680TrbP protein 
20pP9014_p4240531..40983 [+], 453253723681putative outer membrane protein 
21pP9014_p43 (TrbV)41003..41245 [+], 243253723682TrbV protein 
22pP9014_p4441330..41611 [-], 282253723683truncated transposase Tn3 
23pP9014_p4541811..42527 [-], 717253723684transposase IS26 
24pP9014_p4642527..43183 [-], 657253723685tetracycline repressor protein 
25pP9014_p4743279..44463 [+], 1185253723686class D tetracycline/H+ antiporter 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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