SecReT4 2.0: an updated database of bacterial type IV secretion systems

SecReT4 (Type IV Secretion system Resource) is a comprehensive collection of information of type IV secretion systems (T4SSs) in bacteria. T4SSs are versatile assemblages that promote genetic exchange and/or effector translocation (Cascales and Christie, 2003) with consequent impacts on pathogenesis and genome plasticity in turn. Here, we have organized information derived from the reported literature and in silico predictions of T4SSs and cognate effectors as the web-based resource SecReT4.

Compared to the version 1.0 released in 2013, SecReT4 2.0 has been updated with the following major improvements: (i) newly T4SS effectors have been added, making the collection consisted of more than five hundred experimentally validated effectors;
(ii) newly developed online tool T4SEfinder for the prediction of T4SS effectors based on protein sequences.

Citation for SecReT4 1.0: D. Bi, L. Liu, C. Tai, Z. Deng., K. Rajakumar and H.Y. Ou (2013) SecReT4: a web-based bacterial type IV secretion system resource. Nucleic Acids Research, 41, D660-D665.

Current version: 2.0
Since January 2012; Updated: Nov, 2020

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