Bioinformatics Tools/ Databases used by ICEberg
  • GMOD, the Generic Model Organism Database project
  • PostgreSQL, an open source relational database management system
  • GBrowse, a genome viewer
  • WU-BLAST, the Washington University improved version of BLAST
  • MUSCLE, protein multiple sequence alignment
  • Jalview, a multiple alignment editor written in Java
  • CGview, generate circular genome maps
Public database, to which ICEberg has a hyperlink path
Other tools or servers of interest
  • NCBI Microbial Genomes
  • IS Finder, Reference Centre for Bacterial Insertion Sequences
  • ACLAME, A Classification of Genetic Mobile Elements
  • PAIDB, Pathogenicity island database
  • HGT-DB, Horizontal Gene Transfer Database
  • MobilomeFINDER, in silico and experimental discovery of bacterial genomic islands
  • IslandViewer, a computational tool that integrates three different genomic island prediction methods
  • SIGI-HMM, Prediction of Genomic Islands in Procaryotic Genomes Using HMMs
  • Islander, Database of Genomic Islands
  • IslandPath, An aid to the identification of genomics islands