I. Information of IME
ICEberg ID248_IME
Name Tn6106 This is a predicted IME derived from literature
OrganismClostridium difficile R20291
Size (bp)11.3 kb
GC content [Genome] (%)
Insertion site-
Species that IME can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFN545816 (complete IME sequence in this genome)
Genome coordinates2076881..2087639
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 2082284..2083513CDR20291_1784  Family:  MOBQ

II. IME interaction with ICE/CIME/Plasmids

The interaction information of Tn6106 is not available.

The graph information of Tn6106 components from FN545816
Complete gene list of Tn6106 from FN545816
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product *Reannotation 
1CDR20291_17742072365..2073348 [-], 984putative uncharacterized protein
2CDR20291_17752074593..2075183 [-], 591putative uncharacterized protein
3CDR20291_17762076020..2076331 [+], 312putative conjugal transfer protein (putative single-stranded dna binding protein)
4CDR20291_17772076881..2077258 [+], 378putative uncharacterized protein
5CDR20291_17782077375..2077809 [+], 435putative uncharacterized protein
6CDR20291_17792077802..2079103 [+], 1302putative uncharacterized protein
7CDR20291_17802079197..2080003 [-], 807putative uncharacterized protein
8CDR20291_17812080672..2081013 [+], 342putative uncharacterized protein
9CDR20291_17822081006..2081302 [+], 297putative uncharacterized protein
10CDR20291_17832081768..2081929 [-], 162putative uncharacterized protein
11CDR20291_17842082284..2083513 [+], 1230putative uncharacterized proteinRelaxase 
12CDR20291_17862084201..2085529 [+], 1329putative uncharacterized protein
13CDR20291_17872085558..2085797 [-], 240putative uncharacterized protein
14CDR20291_17882085969..2087639 [+], 1671putative uncharacterized proteinIntegrase 
15CDR20291_17892087833..2088696 [+], 864putative conjugative transposon membrane protein
16CDR20291_17902089315..2091708 [+], 2394putative conjugal transfer protein
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

ElementNo. of sequencesDownload
Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Bellanger X; Payot S; Leblond-Bourget N; Guedon G (2014). Conjugative and mobilizable genomic islands in bacteria: evolution and diversity. FEMS Microbiol Rev. 38(4):720-60. [PudMed:24372381]
(2) Brouwer MS; Warburton PJ; Roberts AP; Mullany P; Allan E (2011). Genetic organisation, mobility and predicted functions of genes on integrated, mobile genetic elements in sequenced strains of Clostridium difficile. PLoS One. 6(8):e23014. [PudMed:21876735]