I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID976
Name ICEKkKWG1 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismKingella kingae KWG1
Size (bp)72676
GC content [Genome] (%)49.12
Insertion sitetRNAMet
FunctionResistance to sulfonamides, streptomycin, tetracycline
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceLN869922 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Genome coordinates850916..923591 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 878208..879479; Locus tag: KKKWG1_0929;  Family:  MOBV

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICEKkKWG1 is not available.

The graph information of ICEKkKWG1 components from LN869922
Complete gene list of ICEKkKWG1 from LN869922
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1dnaG846108..847871 [-], 1764DNA primase
2KKKWG1_0903847971..849143 [-], 1173conserved protein of unknown function
3KKKWG1_0904850916..851464 [-], 549conserved protein of unknown function
4traL851451..852194 [-], 744Protein TraL
5trbM852373..852915 [-], 543TrbMMagB14, T4SS component 
6KKKWG1_0907853617..854255 [+], 639conserved membrane protein of unknown function
7KKKWG1_0908854677..855135 [+], 459conserved protein of unknown function
8KKKWG1_0909855839..856228 [-], 390conserved protein of unknown function
9KKKWG1_0910856895..857209 [-], 315DNA-binding helix-turn-helix protein
10KKKWG1_0911857193..857573 [-], 381conserved protein of unknown function
11KKKWG1_0912857673..858275 [-], 603DNA-binding helix-turn-helix protein
12KKKWG1_0913858604..859422 [+], 819conserved protein of unknown function
13KKKWG1_0914859948..860955 [+], 1008transposase, IS5 family, ISNme1
14KKKWG1_0915861187..863475 [+], 2289conserved exported protein of unknown function
15KKKWG1_0916863675..864952 [-], 1278conserved protein of unknown function
16KKKWG1_0917864991..865734 [-], 744Phage protein Gp37/Gp68
17KKKWG1_0918867187..867918 [+], 732conserved protein of unknown function
18KKKWG1_0919869015..869545 [-], 531Bacterial mobilization protein MobC
19KKKWG1_0920869617..869997 [-], 381Recombination-associated protein RdgC (fragment)
20strB870235..871071 [-], 837Streptomycin phosphotransferase B
21strA871071..871874 [-], 804Streptomycin 3''-kinase
22sulII871935..872750 [-], 816Dihydropteroate synthase type-2AR 
23repC873060..873869 [-], 810RepC
24blaT873985..874845 [-], 861Beta-lactamase TEMAR 
25tnpR875028..875585 [-], 558Transposon Tn3 resolvase
26rep875919..876848 [-], 930Replication protein
27KKKWG1_0928876898..877704 [+], 807Integrase core domain proteinIntegrase 
28pre878208..879479 [-], 1272Plasmid recombination enzymeRelaxase, MOBV Family
29strB880654..881490 [-], 837Streptomycin phosphotransferase BAR 
30strA881490..882374 [-], 885Streptomycin 3''-kinaseAR 
31KKKWG1_0931882447..883655 [+], 1209transposase, IS4 family, IS10
32tetD883665..884081 [-], 417Transposon Tn10 TetD protein
33tetC884094..884762 [+], 669Transposon Tn10 TetC protein
34tetA884875..886080 [-], 1206Tetracycline resistance protein, class BAR 
35tetR886162..886737 [+], 576Tetracycline repressor protein class B from transposon Tn10
36jemC886762..887385 [-], 624conserved protein of unknown function
37KKKWG1_0937887456..887842 [-], 387conserved protein of unknown function
38jemB887835..888134 [-], 300conserved protein of unknown function
39jemA888599..889804 [+], 1206glutamate transporter
40KKKWG1_0940890170..891378 [-], 1209transposase, IS4 family, IS10
41tnpR891514..892128 [-], 615putative resolvase TnpR for transposon Tn5393
42tnpA892254..895139 [+], 2886Transposase TnpA for transposon Tn5393
43KKKWG1_0943895053..895559 [-], 507protein of unknown function
44traS895562..896680 [-], 1119TraS relaxase
45KKKWG1_0945896779..902313 [-], 5535Toprim domain protein
46KKKWG1_0946902333..904372 [-], 2040TraG/TraD family proteinVirD4 , T4SS component 
47ssb904467..904880 [-], 414Single-stranded DNA-binding protein 1
48KKKWG1_0948905223..905486 [-], 264conserved protein of unknown function
49KKKWG1_0949905618..905983 [-], 366conserved protein of unknown function
50KKKWG1_0950905980..906753 [-], 774conserved protein of unknown function
51KKKWG1_0951906798..907319 [-], 522conserved protein of unknown function
52KKKWG1_0952907316..908230 [-], 915conserved protein of unknown function
53KKKWG1_0953907999..908325 [-], 327conserved membrane protein of unknown function
54KKKWG1_0954908380..908844 [-], 465conserved exported protein of unknown function
55virB11909004..910104 [-], 1101P-type DNA transfer ATPase VirB11VirB11, T4SS component 
56virB10910190..911464 [-], 1275Bacterial conjugation TrbI-like proteinVirB10, T4SS component 
57virB9911461..912300 [-], 840putative P-type conjugative transfer protein VirB9VirB9, T4SS component 
58virB8912313..913056 [-], 744VirB8 proteinVirB8, T4SS component 
59virB7913275..913754 [-], 480conserved protein of unknown function
60virB6913786..914748 [-], 963TrbL/VirB6 plasmid conjugal transfer protein
61virB5914808..915446 [-], 639Type IV secretion system proteinVirB5, T4SS component 
62virB4915548..918103 [-], 2556Type IV secretion/conjugal transfer ATPase, VirB4 familyVirB4, T4SS component 
63virB3918015..918443 [-], 429Type IV secretory pathway, VirB3-like proteinVirB3, T4SS component 
64virB2918464..918784 [-], 321conserved membrane protein of unknown function
65virB1918941..919747 [-], 807Type IV secretion system protein virB1VirB1, T4SS component 
66KKKWG1_0966920122..920250 [-], 129protein of unknown function
67KKKWG1_0967920342..920578 [+], 237transposase ISKki1 ORF A
68KKKWG1_0968920606..921172 [+], 567transposase ISKki1 ORF B
69KKKWG1_0969921179..922090 [-], 912Putative site-specific recombinase, phage integrase family
70KKKWG1_0970922112..922399 [-], 288conserved protein of unknown function
71KKKWG1_0971922408..922743 [-], 336Replication protein A (fragment)
72KKKWG1_0972922761..923327 [-], 567transposase ISKki1 ORF B
73KKKWG1_0973923355..923591 [-], 237transposase ISKki1 ORF A
74KKKWG1_0974923856..924728 [-], 873conserved membrane protein of unknown function
75KKKWG1_0975924783..925094 [+], 312conserved protein of unknown function
76fixS925096..925272 [+], 177Cytochrome oxidase maturation protein, cbb3-type
77KKKWG1_0977925229..926548 [+], 1320Major facilitator superfamily MFS_1 transporter
78yadR926609..926947 [-], 339putative chaperone involved in Fe-S cluster assembly and activation; hesB-like
flank Flanking regions

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(1) Bidet P; Basmaci R; Guglielmini J; Doit C; Jost C; Birgy A; Bonacorsi S (2016). Genome Analysis of Kingella kingae Strain KWG1 Reveals How a beta-Lactamase Gene Inserted in the Chromosome of This Species. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 60(1):703-8. [PubMed:26574009] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature