I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID871
Name Tn950 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismEnterococcus faecium
Size (bp)47 kb
GC content [Genome] (%)-
Insertion site-
FunctionAntibiotic resistance genes: erm(B)
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide Sequence-
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase -

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of Tn950 is not available.


The gene information of Tn950 is not available.
ElementNo. of sequencesDownload
Nucleotide sequences0Fasta
(1) Takeuchi K; Tomita H; Fujimoto S; Kudo M; Kuwano H; Ike Y (2005). Drug resistance of Enterococcus faecium clinical isolates and the conjugative transfer of gentamicin and erythromycin resistance traits. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 243(2):347-54. [PubMed:15686834]