I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID864
Name Tn6224 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismLactobacillus salivarius JCM 1046 plasmid pCTN1046
Size (bp)-
GC content [Genome] (%)[37.6]
Insertion site-
Functiontetracycline resistance
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceCP007650 (partial ICE sequence)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 1995..3200; Locus tag: LSJ_5002;  Family:  MOBT

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of Tn6224 is not available.

The graph information of Tn6224 components from CP007650
Incomplete gene list of Tn6224 from CP007650
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1LSJ_5000194..313 [+], 120Tn916-related conserved hypothetical protein
2LSJ_5001432..1817 [+], 1386Conjugative transposon-related FtsK/SpoIIIE family proteinOrf21_Tn, T4SS component 
3LSJ_50021995..3200 [+], 1206Replication initiation factorRelaxase, MOBT Family
4LSJ_50033243..3464 [+], 222Hypothetical proteinOrf19_Tn, T4SS component 
5LSJ_50043581..4078 [+], 498Antirestriction (ArdA) protein/ Conjugative transposon protein
6LSJ_50054053..4559 [+], 507Conjugative transposon membrane protein, TcpE familyOrf17_Tn, T4SS component 
7LSJ_50064543..6990 [+], 2448Conjugative transposon ATP/GTP-binding proteinOrf16_Tn, T4SS component 
8LSJ_50076993..9170 [+], 2178Conjugative transposon membrane proteinOrf15_Tn, T4SS component 
9LSJ_50089167..10168 [+], 1002TN916, NLP/P60 family proteinOrf14_Tn, T4SS component 
10LSJ_500910165..11097 [+], 933Tn916-related hypothetical proteinOrf13_Tn, T4SS component 
11LSJ_501011372..11458 [+], 87Tet (M) leader peptide
12LSJ_501111474..13393 [+], 1920Tetracycline resistance protein TetMAR 
13LSJ_501213491..13679 [+], 189Tn916-related hypothetical protein
14LSJ_5013c13739..14092 [-], 354Putative DNA binding protein
15LSJ_501414297..14368 [+], 72Conserved Tn916-related hypothetical protein
16LSJ_501514597..15019 [+], 423RNA polymerase sigma factor, sigma-70 family, region 4
17LSJ_501615016..15246 [+], 231Tn916 hypothetical protein containing a helix-turn-helix motif
18LSJ_5017c15310..15438 [-], 129Hypothetical protein
19LSJ_5018c15472..15723 [-], 252Tn916-related conserved hypothetical protein
20LSJ_501915707..15910 [+], 204Tn916 excisionase
21LSJ_502015992..17209 [+], 1218Tn916 integraseIntegrase 
22LSJ_502217684..17962 [+], 279hypothetical protein
23LSJ_502317967..18158 [+], 192Major facilitator family protein
24LSJ_5024c18241..18345 [-], 105Bacteriocin-like protein
25LSJ_502518608..18832 [+], 225Hypothetical protein
26LSJ_502618880..19119 [+], 240Hypothetical protein
27LSJ_502719116..19559 [+], 444putative membrane spanning protein
28LSJ_502819540..20862 [+], 1323putative membrane-associated protein
29LSJ_5029c21048..21800 [-], 753Autolysin/Muramidase
flank Flanking regions

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Raftis EJ; Forde BM; Claesson MJ; O'Toole PW (2014). Unusual genome complexity in Lactobacillus salivarius JCM1046. BMC Genomics. 1.160416667. [PubMed:25201645] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature