I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID64
Name CTnBST This ICE is derived from experimental literature
ICEO ID ICEO_0000171
OrganismBacteroides uniformis WH207
Size (bp)100903
GC content [Genome] (%)47.49
Insertion siteAATCTGNNAAAT
FunctionErythromycin resistance
Species that ICE can be transferred toBacteroides spp.; Escherichia coli
Nucleotide SequenceAY345595 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 89077..90462; Locus tag: bst104;  Family:  MOBV

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of CTnBST is not available.

The graph information of CTnBST components from AY345595
Complete gene list of CTnBST from AY345595
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1int231..1364 [+], 1134integraseIntegrase 
2xis2438..2833 [+], 396excisionase
3bst0042811..3911 [+], 1101hypothetical protein
4bst0054078..4905 [+], 828hypothetical protein
5bst0065150..5593 [+], 444hypothetical protein
6bst0075609..5932 [+], 324hypothetical protein
7bst0085982..6359 [+], 378hypothetical protein
8bst0096372..6668 [+], 297hypothetical protein
9bst0106773..9478 [+], 2706hypothetical protein
10bst0119506..9919 [+], 414hypothetical protein
11bst01413229..13987 [+], 759hypothetical protein
12bst01514009..15142 [+], 1134hypothetical protein
13bst01615185..15580 [+], 396hypothetical protein
14bst01715587..16201 [+], 615hypothetical protein
15bst01816214..16603 [+], 390hypothetical protein
16bst01916600..17745 [+], 1146hypothetical protein
17bst02017610..18113 [+], 504hypothetical protein
18bst02118110..18889 [+], 780hypothetical protein
19bst02218930..19787 [+], 858hypothetical protein
20bst02319784..20233 [+], 450hypothetical protein
21bst02420307..20978 [+], 672hypothetical protein
22bst02521027..22031 [-], 1005hypothetical protein
23bst02622016..22735 [-], 720hypothetical protein
24bst02722887..25073 [+], 2187hypothetical proteinT4CP 
25bst02825070..25603 [+], 534hypothetical protein
26bst02925750..26664 [-], 915hypothetical protein
27bst03026714..27868 [-], 1155hypothetical protein
28bst03127934..29238 [-], 1305hypothetical protein
29bst03229482..30381 [-], 900hypothetical protein
30bst03330475..31038 [+], 564hypothetical protein
31bst03431038..31688 [+], 651hypothetical protein
32bst03531826..32194 [-], 369hypothetical protein
33bst03632228..32500 [-], 273hypothetical protein
34bst03732508..32786 [-], 279hypothetical protein
35bst03833317..33760 [-], 444hypothetical protein
36bst04036602..37099 [-], 498hypothetical protein
37bst04137096..37494 [-], 399hypothetical protein
38bst04237515..38054 [-], 540hypothetical protein
39bst04338057..38677 [-], 621hypothetical protein
40bst04438700..38954 [-], 255hypothetical protein
41bst04538962..39717 [-], 756hypothetical protein
42bst04639951..40364 [-], 414hypothetical protein
43bst04741172..41585 [-], 414hypothetical protein
44bst04942525..43043 [+], 519hypothetical protein
45bst05148743..49384 [-], 642hypothetical protein
46bst05249952..51463 [-], 1512hypothetical protein
47bst05452883..53278 [-], 396hypothetical protein
48bst05553420..53803 [-], 384hypothetical protein
49bst05654253..54720 [+], 468hypothetical protein
50bst05755339..55884 [+], 546hypothetical protein
51bst05855981..56346 [+], 366hypothetical protein
52bst05956343..57368 [-], 1026hypothetical protein
53ermB58061..58798 [+], 738ErmBAR 
54bst06358803..58934 [+], 132hypothetical protein
55bst06659372..59587 [+], 216hypothetical protein
56bst06759604..59876 [+], 273hypothetical protein
57bst07261137..62003 [+], 867hypothetical proteinAR 
58bst07462211..62564 [+], 354hypothetical protein
59bst07563688..64539 [+], 852hypothetical protein
60bst07664848..65072 [-], 225hypothetical protein
61bst07765231..65566 [-], 336hypothetical protein
62bst07865588..66256 [-], 669hypothetical protein
63bst07966475..67233 [+], 759hypothetical protein
64bst08067246..67470 [+], 225hypothetical protein
65bst08167529..68995 [+], 1467hypothetical protein
66bst08370165..70653 [+], 489hypothetical protein
67bst08470634..71329 [+], 696hypothetical protein
68bst08571341..72024 [+], 684hypothetical protein
69bst08672037..72702 [+], 666hypothetical protein
70bst08772727..73557 [+], 831hypothetical protein
71bst08873629..73865 [+], 237hypothetical protein
72bst08973873..75669 [+], 1797hypothetical protein
73bst09178085..79635 [+], 1551hypothetical proteinTcpG, T4SS component 
74bst09279632..79823 [+], 192hypothetical protein
75bst09379870..80514 [+], 645hypothetical protein
76bst09480520..82208 [+], 1689hypothetical protein
77bst09582249..82539 [-], 291hypothetical protein
78bst09682592..82864 [-], 273hypothetical protein
79bst09782871..83356 [-], 486hypothetical protein
80bst09883879..84364 [-], 486hypothetical protein
81bst09984297..84608 [-], 312hypothetical protein
82bst10085096..85944 [+], 849hypothetical protein
83bst10186573..87157 [-], 585hypothetical protein
84bst10287334..87507 [+], 174hypothetical protein
85bst10387658..88623 [-], 966hypothetical protein
86bst10489077..90462 [-], 1386hypothetical proteinRelaxase, MOBV Family
87bst10590755..91342 [-], 588hypothetical protein
88bst10691284..91598 [-], 315hypothetical protein
89bst10791634..92179 [-], 546hypothetical protein
90bst10892170..92571 [-], 402hypothetical protein
91bst10993118..94089 [-], 972hypothetical protein
92bst11094327..94875 [+], 549hypothetical protein
93bst11194979..96187 [+], 1209hypothetical protein
94bst11296639..96920 [-], 282hypothetical protein
95bst11396949..97263 [-], 315hypothetical protein
96bst11497287..97517 [-], 231hypothetical protein
97bst11597619..98002 [-], 384hypothetical protein
98bst11798756..99046 [-], 291hypothetical protein
99bst11899030..99332 [-], 303hypothetical protein
100bst11999345..99677 [-], 333hypothetical protein
101bst12099871..100164 [-], 294hypothetical protein

ElementNo. of sequencesDownload
Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Song B; Shoemaker NB; Gardner JF; Salyers AA (2007). Integration site selection by the Bacteroides conjugative transposon CTnBST. J Bacteriol. 189(18):6594-601. [PubMed:17616597] experimental
(2) Schlesinger DJ; Shoemaker NB; Salyers AA (2007). Possible origins of CTnBST, a conjugative transposon found recently in a human colonic Bacteroides strain. Appl Environ Microbiol. 73(13):4226-33. [PubMed:17483268] experimental
(3) Wesslund NA; Wang GR; Song B; Shoemaker NB; Salyers AA (2007). Integration and excision of a newly discovered bacteroides conjugative transposon, CTnBST. J Bacteriol. 189(3):1072-82. [PubMed:17122349] experimental
(4) Gupta A; Vlamakis H; Shoemaker N; Salyers AA (2003). A new Bacteroides conjugative transposon that carries an ermB gene. Appl Environ Microbiol. 69(11):6455-63. [PubMed:14602600] experimental
experimental experimental literature