I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID465
Name ICECroICC168-1 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismCitrobacter rodentium ICC168
Size (bp)40443
GC content [Genome] (%)49.14
Insertion sitetRNA-Leu
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFN543502 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (5346659 bp, BioProject:43089) [NC_013716]
Genome coordinates3517032..3557474 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 3518153..3519772; Locus tag: ROD_33331;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICECroICC168-1 is not available.

The graph information of ICECroICC168-1 components from FN543502
Complete gene list of ICECroICC168-1 from FN543502
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1ROD_332813512950..3514032 [+], 1083putative permease
2ROD_332913514145..3515647 [-], 1503conserved hypothetical protein
3ROD_333013515783..3516802 [-], 1020putative zinc-binding dehydrogenase
4ROD_333313518153..3519772 [-], 1620conserved hypothetical proteinRelaxase, MOBH Family
5traC3520076..3520987 [-], 912putative conjugative transfer system protein TraC (fragment)
6ROD_333613521073..3521366 [-], 294hypothetical protein
7ROD_333713521977..3523593 [+], 1617putative type I restriction modification system HsdS component
8ROD_333813523598..3525244 [+], 1647conserved hypothetical protein
9ROD_334013525885..3526853 [-], 969IS102 transposase
10ROD_334113527236..3528738 [+], 1503putative type I restriction modification system HsdM component
11ROD_334213528911..3530713 [-], 1803hypothetical protein
12traG3530805..3532283 [-], 1479putative conjugative transfer system protein TraG (fragment)Tfc19, T4SS component 
13ROD_334413532280..3532537 [-], 258putative exported protein
14ROD_335013535623..3536411 [-], 789putative exported proteinTfc13, T4SS component 
15ROD_335213537063..3537416 [-], 354putative membrane proteinTfc11, T4SS component 
16ROD_335313537420..3537746 [-], 327putative exported proteinTfc10, T4SS component 
17ROD_335413537764..3537997 [-], 234putative membrane protein
18ROD_335513537994..3538320 [-], 327conserved hypothetical proteinTfc9, T4SS component 
19ROD_335613538398..3538565 [+], 168putative membrane protein
20ROD_335713538552..3539238 [+], 687putative membrane protein
21ROD_335813539301..3540062 [-], 762putative membrane protein
22traG3543416..3544066 [-], 651putative conjugative transfer system protein TraGTfc3, T4SS component 
23ROD_336413544073..3544681 [-], 609putative exported proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
24ROD_336613545259..3545675 [-], 417conserved hypothetical protein
25ROD_336723545969..3546220 [-], 252hypothetical protein
26ROD_336813546229..3546720 [-], 492conserved hypothetical protein
27ROD_336913546713..3547411 [-], 699conserved hypothetical protein
28ROD_337013547684..3549003 [-], 1320hypothetical protein
29ROD_337113549759..3550055 [+], 297putative transcriptional regulator
30ROD_337213550141..3550251 [+], 111hypothetical protein
31ROD_337313550474..3551550 [+], 1077conserved hypothetical protein
32ROD_337413551516..3552721 [-], 1206conserved hypothetical protein
33ROD_337513552740..3553279 [-], 540conserved hypothetical protein
34dnaB3554734..3556089 [-], 1356replicative DNA helicase
35ROD_337913556082..3556456 [-], 375conserved hypothetical protein
36parA3556453..3557337 [-], 885putative partitioning protein A
37ROD_338113557674..3558192 [+], 519putative integrase
38ROD_338213558418..3558702 [+], 285ISEc14 transposase A
39ROD_338313558741..3559553 [+], 813ISEc14 transposase B
40ROD_338513559869..3560192 [+], 324conserved hypothetical protein
41ROD_338613560295..3560441 [+], 147hypothetical protein
42ROD_338713560569..3561441 [-], 873conserved hypothetical protein
flank Flanking regions

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(1) Seth-Smith HM; Fookes MC; Okoro CK; Baker S; Harris SR; Scott P; Pickard D; Quail MA; Churcher C; Sanders M; Harmse J; Dougan G; Parkhill J; Thomson NR (2012). Structure, diversity, and mobility of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 family of integrative and conjugative elements within Enterobacteriaceae. J Bacteriol. 194(6):1494-504. [PubMed:22247511] in_silico
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