I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID464
Name ICESe4 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismSalmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hadar 18
Size (bp)96107
GC content [Genome] (%)50.6
Insertion sitetRNA-Phe
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFR686852 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 1424..2971; Locus tag: SHAD27991;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICESe4 is not available.

The graph information of ICESe4 components from FR686852
Complete gene list of ICESe4 from FR686852
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1SHAD27981281..1381 [-], 1101putative integrase (phage)
2SHAD279911424..2971 [-], 1548putative helicaseRelaxase, MOBH Family
3SHAD280012946..4454 [-], 1509conserved hypothetical proteinTraI_F, T4SS component 
4SHAD280204981..5199 [+], 219conserved hypothetical protein
5pilL5252..5977 [+], 726putative PilL exported proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
6pilM5980..6417 [+], 438putative PilM exported protein
7pilN6607..8232 [+], 1626putative PilN pilus assembly protein
8pilO8244..9542 [+], 1299putative PilO pilin accessory protein
9pilP9532..9993 [+], 462putative PilP, pilus assembly protein
10pilQ10003..11523 [+], 1521Putative PilQ, nucleotide binding proteinTraJ_I, T4SS component 
11pilR11525..12625 [+], 1101putative PilR membrane protein
12pilS12675..13211 [+], 537putative PilS, major pilin subunit protein
13pilT13270..13746 [+], 477putative PilT, pilin transglycosylaseOrf169_F, T4SS component 
14pilU13759..14409 [+], 651putative pilU, prepilin peptidase
15pilV14406..15734 [+], 1329putative PilV, minor pilin subunit protein
16traE17489..18310 [+], 822putative TraE protein
17SHAD2816118412..19614 [+], 1203putative TraF protein
18SHAD2817020551..20967 [-], 417putative transposase
19SHAD2817120858..21199 [-], 342putative transposase
20SHAD2818121532..22545 [-], 1014conserved hypothetical protein
21SHAD2819123022..25058 [+], 2037type III restriction endonuclease
22SHAD2820125061..27976 [+], 2916type III restriction endonuclease
23SHAD2821128058..29035 [-], 978conserved hypothetical protein
24SHAD2822129143..29580 [-], 438Hypothetical protein
25SHAD2823129656..29994 [-], 339Hypothetical protein
26SHAD2824130062..30421 [-], 360Hypothetical protein
27SHAD2825130618..31127 [-], 510putative antirestriction protein
28SHAD2825231268..31459 [-], 192conserved hypothetical protein
29SHAD2826131546..31932 [-], 387Hypothetical protein
30SHAD2827233016..33756 [+], 741conserved hypothetical protein
31SHAD2828133760..34677 [-], 918conserved hypothetical protein
32SHAD2829135824..36477 [+], 654conserved hypothetical protein
33SHAD2830137816..38064 [+], 249putative antitoxin protein (ccdA-like)
34SHAD2831138064..38387 [+], 324putative toxin protein (CcdB-like)
35SHAD2832138623..39777 [+], 1155putative methyltransferase
36SHAD2833139793..40965 [+], 1173conserved hypothetical protein
37rpmE41072..41335 [-], 264ribosomal protein L31
38SHAD2835141559..42131 [-], 573conserved hypothetical protein
39SHAD2836142429..42635 [+], 207conserved hypothetical protein
40SHAD2837142683..44206 [-], 1524putative membrane proteinTfc19, T4SS component 
41SHAD2838144203..44562 [-], 360putative exported protein
42SHAD2839144567..45985 [-], 1419putative exported proteinTfc22, T4SS component 
43SHAD2840145995..46969 [-], 975putative exported proteinTfc23, T4SS component 
44SHAD2841146966..47361 [-], 396putative exported proteinTfc24, T4SS component 
45SHAD2842147899..49986 [-], 2088putative adhesin / TonB-dependent uptake protein
46SHAD2843150142..50528 [-], 387conserved hypothetical proteinTfc17, T4SS component 
47SHAD2844150525..53374 [-], 2850conserved hypothetical proteinTfc16, T4SS component 
48SHAD2845153374..53778 [-], 405putative lipoprotein precursorTfc15, T4SS component 
49SHAD2846153796..55274 [-], 1479conserved hypothetical proteinTfc14, T4SS component 
50SHAD2847155264..56184 [-], 921conserved hypothetical proteinTfc13, T4SS component 
51SHAD2848156181..56828 [-], 648hypothetical proteinTfc12, T4SS component 
52SHAD2848256825..57190 [-], 366conserved hypothetical proteinTfc11, T4SS component 
53SHAD2850157209..57574 [-], 366conserved hypothetical proteinTfc10, T4SS component 
54SHAD2850257602..57844 [-], 243conserved hypothetical protein
55SHAD2852157844..58185 [-], 342conserved hypothetical proteinTfc9, T4SS component 
56SHAD2852258365..58700 [-], 336hypothetical protein
57SHAD2853158704..59465 [-], 762putative membrane proteinTfc8, T4SS component 
58SHAD2854159446..61563 [-], 2118putative TraD/TraG proteinTfc6, T4SS component 
59SHAD2855161563..62348 [-], 786hypothetical protein
60SHAD2856162345..62857 [-], 513hypothetical protein
61SHAD2857162854..63444 [-], 591putative membrane protein
62SHAD2858163444..63971 [-], 528conserved hypothetical proteinTfc5, T4SS component 
63SHAD2859163968..64624 [-], 657putative exported proteinTfc4, T4SS component 
64SHAD2860164603..65322 [-], 720putative membrane proteinTfc3, T4SS component 
65SHAD2861165327..66106 [-], 780putative membrane proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
66SHAD2862166103..66681 [-], 579putative lipoproteinTfc2, T4SS component 
67SHAD2863166872..67837 [-], 966putative transposase
68SHAD2864167911..68468 [-], 558single-stranded DNA-binding protein
69SHAD2864268481..68684 [-], 204conserved hypothetical protein
70SHAD2866168784..69248 [-], 465conserved hypothetical protein
71topB69959..71977 [-], 2019DNA topoisomerase
72SHAD2868171990..72670 [-], 681conserved hypothetical protein
73SHAD2870173245..74510 [-], 1266conserved hypothetical protein
74SHAD2871074771..74992 [-], 222hypothetical protein
75SHAD2871174989..75204 [-], 216hypothetical protein
76SHAD2871375447..75962 [-], 516conserved hypothetical
77SHAD2871475964..76461 [-], 498conserved hypothetical protein
78SHAD2872176458..76772 [-], 315conserved hypothetical protein
79SHAD2873176769..77377 [-], 609conserved hypothetical protein
80SHAD2873277364..77621 [-], 258hypothetical protein
81SHAD2873377631..77879 [-], 249hypothetical protein
82SHAD2876177876..78454 [-], 579conserved hypothetical protein
83SHAD2877178451..79182 [-], 732conserved hypothetical protein
84SHAD2878179175..80824 [-], 1650conserved hypothetical protein
85SHAD2879180814..82202 [-], 1389putative DNA helicase
86SHAD2879282195..82707 [-], 513hypothetical protein
87SHAD2879382694..83257 [-], 564hypothetical protein
88SHAD2881183277..84155 [-], 879putative parA partitioning protein
89SHAD2882184416..85675 [+], 1260putative integrase (phage)Integrase 
90SHAD2883186256..87143 [-], 888putative DNA-binding protein (phage)
91SHAD2884187281..88129 [+], 849hypothetical protein
92SHAD2885188241..89260 [+], 1020putative nucleotide binding protein
93SHAD2886189353..89592 [-], 240putative transcriptional regulator (phage)
94SHAD2887189589..90050 [-], 462conserved hypothetical protein
95SHAD2888190565..92478 [+], 1914hypothetical protein
96SHAD2889192475..94175 [+], 1701conserved hypothetical protein
97SHAD2890194318..95016 [-], 699hypothetical protein
98SHAD2891195103..95594 [-], 492putative acetyltransferase
99SHAD2892195591..95884 [-], 294conserved hypothetical protein

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(1) Seth-Smith HM; Fookes MC; Okoro CK; Baker S; Harris SR; Scott P; Pickard D; Quail MA; Churcher C; Sanders M; Harmse J; Dougan G; Parkhill J; Thomson NR (2012). Structure, diversity, and mobility of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 family of integrative and conjugative elements within Enterobacteriaceae. J Bacteriol. 194(6):1494-504. [PubMed:22247511] in_silico
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