I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID451
Name ICEVscSpa2 This ICE is derived from experimental literature
ICEO ID ICEO_0000644
OrganismVibrio scophthalmi NC1
Size (bp)-
GC content [Genome] (%)-
Insertion siteprfC
Species that ICE can be transferred toEscherichia coli CAG18420; Escherichia coli BI533
Nucleotide SequenceHE577624 (partial ICE sequence)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase -

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICEVscSpa2 is not available.

The graph information of ICEVscSpa2 components from HE577624
Incomplete gene list of ICEVscSpa2 from HE577624
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1ORF361..53 [+], 53putative conjugation coupling factor
2ORF3780..667 [-], 588hypothetical protein
3ORF38681..920 [-], 240hypothetical protein
4traL920..945 [+], 26putative TraL sex pilus assembly and synthesis protein
5traA956..1160 [+], 205putative TraA transfer protein
6traN2358..2490 [+], 133putative TraN pilus assembly and synthesis proteinTraN_F, T4SS component 
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

ElementNo. of sequencesDownload
Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Rodriguez-Blanco A; Lemos ML; Osorio CR (2012). Integrating conjugative elements as vectors of antibiotic, mercury, and quaternary ammonium compound resistance in marine aquaculture environments. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 56(5):2619-26. [PubMed:22314526] experimental
experimental experimental literature