I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID436
Name PPHGI-1 This ICE is derived from experimental literature
ICEO ID ICEO_0000170
OrganismPseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1302A
Size (bp)105966
GC content [Genome] (%)54.03
Insertion sitetRNA-Lys
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAJ870974 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase -

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of PPHGI-1 is not available.

The graph information of PPHGI-1 components from AJ870974
Complete gene list of PPHGI-1 from AJ870974
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1soj1439..2299 [+], 861ParA-like chromosome partitioning protein
2pph022301..3731 [+], 1431hypothetical protein
3dnaB3798..5078 [+], 1281replicative DNA helicase DnaB
4pph045222..5416 [+], 195hypothetical protein
5pph055418..5825 [+], 408hypothetical protein
6pph065919..6320 [+], 402putative DNA-binding protein
7pph076323..8083 [+], 1761hypothetical protein
8pph088120..8857 [+], 738hypothetical protein
9pph098854..10227 [+], 1374hypothetical protein
10pph1010699..11478 [+], 780hypothetical protein
11pph1111475..12059 [+], 585hypothetical protein
12ssb12061..12525 [+], 465single-stranded DNA-binding protein
13pph1312728..12973 [+], 246hypothetical protein
14pph1413340..15226 [+], 1887hypothetical protein
15pph1515229..17187 [+], 1959superfamily II DNA/RNA helicase
16avrPphB17471..18274 [+], 804cysteine protease
17pilL18896..19870 [+], 975type IV pilus protein
18pilN19867..21603 [+], 1737type IV pilus protein
19pilO21605..22963 [+], 1359type IV pilus protein
20pilP23004..23555 [+], 552type IV pilus protein
21pilQ23552..25183 [+], 1632type IV pilus protein
22pilR25269..26264 [+], 996type IV pilus protein
23pilS26302..26826 [+], 525type IV pilus protein
24pilU26829..27761 [+], 933PilU ATPase
25pilV27758..29164 [+], 1407minor type IV pilin subunit PilV
26pilM29196..29636 [+], 441type IV pilus protein
27pph2729905..30390 [+], 486hypothetical protein
28pph2830451..30744 [+], 294hypothetical protein
29pph2930901..33294 [+], 2394bacteriophytochrome
30pph3033287..33748 [+], 462two component response regulator
31pph3133782..36142 [+], 2361sensory box histidine kinase/response regulator
32pph3236234..36542 [+], 309hypothetical protein
33pph3336802..37005 [+], 204hypothetical protein
34pph3437624..39537 [+], 1914methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
35pph3539952..41577 [+], 1626methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
36pph3641584..41889 [+], 306hypothetical protein
37pph37c42169..43437 [-], 12693-oxoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase II
38pph3843543..44022 [+], 480hypothetical protein
39pph3944092..44523 [+], 432hypothetical protein
40pph40c44768..45157 [-], 390hypothetical protein
41pph41c45284..45658 [-], 375MvaT-like transcriptional regulator
42pph4246279..48315 [+], 2037sensory box histidine kinase/response regulator
43pph4348331..48714 [+], 384methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
44pph44c48687..49463 [-], 777putative lipoprotein
45pph45c49518..49949 [-], 432CheY-like response regulator receiver
46pph4650091..51215 [+], 1125signal transduction histidine kinase
47pph4751241..51591 [+], 351hypothetical protein
48pph4852124..52621 [+], 498hypothetical protein
49pph4952768..53007 [+], 240hypothetical protein
50pph5053217..53882 [+], 666GAF domain protein
51salC54259..55053 [-], 795putative DNA-binding protein SalC
52-55370..55666 [-], 297hypothetical protein
53salA56578..57432 [+], 855DNA-binding protein SalA
54xerD57874..58833 [-], 960XerD-like site-specific recombinase
55pph5559129..60667 [+], 1539ATPase
56pph5660955..62976 [+], 2022Topoisomerase IA
57pph5763796..64062 [+], 267hypothetical protein
58pph5864394..64729 [+], 336hypothetical protein
59pph5965032..65262 [+], 231hypothetical protein
60pph6065359..65931 [+], 573hypothetical protein
61pph6166228..66545 [+], 318hypothetical protein
62pph6266634..66969 [+], 336hypothetical protein
63pph6367065..67676 [+], 612hypothetical protein
64pph6467765..68289 [+], 525hypothetical protein
65pph6568356..68955 [+], 600hypothetical protein
66pph6668985..70436 [+], 1452Adenine-specific DNA methylase
67pph6770543..72801 [+], 2259superfamily II DNA/RNA helicase
68pph6873350..74060 [+], 711hypothetical protein
69pph6974069..74815 [+], 747hypothetical protein
70pph7074800..75357 [+], 558soluble lytic murein transglycosylase
71pph7175354..75860 [+], 507hypothetical protein
72traG75872..78031 [+], 2160putative TraG family conjugative protein
73pph7378071..78820 [+], 750hypothetical protein
74pph7479269..80294 [+], 1026superfamily I DNA and RNA helicase
75pph7580304..80636 [+], 333hypothetical protein
76pph7680716..81078 [+], 363candidate type III effector Hop protein
77pph7781075..81314 [+], 240hypothetical protein
78pph7881403..81702 [+], 300hypothetical protein
79pph7981718..82110 [+], 393hypothetical protein
80pph8082107..82775 [+], 669hypothetical protein
81pph8182772..83695 [+], 924hypothetical protein
82pph8283685..85169 [+], 1485hypothetical protein
83pph8385147..85602 [+], 456signal recognition particle GTPase
84virB485602..88610 [+], 3009VirB4 component
85pph8588607..88906 [+], 300hypothetical protein
86pph8688903..89580 [+], 678protein-disulfide isomerase
87pph8790130..90444 [+], 315hypothetical protein
88pph8890698..91171 [+], 474conserved hypothetical protein
89pph8991168..92106 [+], 939hypothetical protein
90pph9092127..93494 [+], 1368hypothetical protein
91pph9193497..93871 [+], 375hypothetical protein
92pph9293868..95400 [+], 1533hypothetical protein
93pph93c95457..95882 [-], 426hypothetical protein
94pph94c96218..98014 [-], 1797ATP-dependent DNA helicase
95pph95c98016..100148 [-], 2133hypothetical protein
96rulB100538..101821 [-], 1284nucleotidyltransferase/DNA polymerase
97rulA101808..102242 [-], 435SOS-response transcriptional repressor
98pph98102386..103048 [+], 663hypothetical protein
99pph99103651..105387 [+], 1737predicted HD-superfamily hydrolase
100xerC105384..106805 [+], 1422putative integrase XerC

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Nucleotide sequences0Fasta
(1) Godfrey SA et al. (2011). The stealth episome: suppression of gene expression on the excised genomic island PPHGI-1 from Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola. PLoS Pathog. 7(3):e1002010. [PubMed:21483484] experimental
(2) Pitman AR et al. (2005). Exposure to host resistance mechanisms drives evolution of bacterial virulence in plants. Curr Biol. 15(24):2230-5. [PubMed:16360685] experimental
experimental experimental literature