I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID434
Name ICESpnTIGR4-1 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismStreptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4
Size (bp)28119
GC content [Genome] (%)32.87[39.7]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAE005672 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (2160842 bp, BioProject:277) [NC_003028]
Genome coordinates972255..1000373 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 992017..993840; Locus tag: SP_1056;  Family:  MOBP

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICESpnTIGR4-1 is not available.

The graph information of ICESpnTIGR4-1 components from AE005672
Complete gene list of ICESpnTIGR4-1 from AE005672
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1SP_1025967682..968689 [+], 1008hypothetical protein
2SP_1026968689..969303 [+], 615conserved hypothetical protein
3SP_1027969377..970351 [+], 975conserved hypothetical protein
4SP_1028970320..970412 [+], 93hypothetical protein
5SP_1029970425..972056 [+], 1632RNA methyltransferase, TrmA family
6SP_1030972795..973013 [+], 219conserved hypothetical protein
7SP_1031973184..973285 [+], 102hypothetical protein
8SP_1032973406..974431 [+], 1026iron-compound ABC transporter, iron compound-binding protein
9SP_1033974409..975428 [+], 1020iron-compound ABC transporter, permease protein
10SP_1034975428..976435 [+], 1008iron-compound ABC transporter, permease protein
11SP_1035976435..977229 [+], 795iron-compound ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
12SP_1036977345..977437 [-], 93hypothetical protein
13SP_1037977797..978006 [+], 210putative type II restriction endonuclease
14SP_1038978131..978286 [+], 156hypothetical protein
15SP_1039978970..979131 [+], 162hypothetical protein
16SP_1040979223..980902 [+], 1680site-specific recombinase, resolvase familyIntegrase 
17SP_1041981125..981736 [+], 612hypothetical protein
18SP_1042982049..982246 [+], 198hypothetical protein
19SP_1043982308..983066 [+], 759hypothetical protein
20SP_1044983124..983978 [+], 855putative hydrolase
21SP_1045984090..984974 [+], 885conserved hypothetical protein TIGR00147
22SP_1047986963..987280 [+], 318hypothetical protein
23SP_1048987326..987607 [+], 282hypothetical protein
24SP_1049987747..987860 [+], 114hypothetical protein
25SP_1050988052..988528 [+], 477putative transcriptional regulator
26SP_1051988528..989289 [+], 762conserved hypothetical protein
27SP_1052989317..990093 [+], 777putative phosphoesterase
28SP_1053990096..990473 [+], 378conserved domain protein
29SP_1054991304..991660 [+], 357Tn5252, Orf 10 protein
30SP_1055991665..992030 [+], 366Tn5252, Orf 9 protein
31SP_1056992017..993840 [+], 1824Tn5252, relaxaseRelaxase, MOBP Family
32SP_1057993954..994820 [+], 867putative transcriptional regulator PlcR
33SP_1058994973..995107 [+], 135hypothetical protein
34SP_1059995411..995662 [+], 252hypothetical protein
35SP_1060995882..996193 [+], 312hypothetical protein
36SP_1061996190..997536 [+], 1347putative protein kinase
37SP_1062997550..998467 [+], 918ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
38SP_1063998464..999264 [+], 801putative ABC-2 transporter, permease protein
39SP_1064999422..999895 [+], 474transposase, IS200 family
40SP_10651000385..1000606 [-], 222hypothetical protein
41SP_10671001278..1002507 [+], 1230putative cell division protein FtsW
42ppc1002527..1005223 [+], 2697phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase
flank Flanking regions

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Croucher NJ; Walker D; Romero P; Lennard N; Paterson GK; Bason NC; Mitchell AM; Quail MA; Andrew PW; Parkhill J; Bentley SD; Mitchell TJ (2009). Role of conjugative elements in the evolution of the multidrug-resistant pandemic clone Streptococcus pneumoniaeSpain23F ST81. J Bacteriol. 191(5):1480-9. [PubMed:19114491]