I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID347
Name ICEhinR2866 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismHaemophilus influenzae R2866
Size (bp)53046
GC content [Genome] (%)38.72[38.08]
Insertion sitetRNA-Leu(R2866_0614)
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceCP002277 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Genome coordinates555283..608328 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 557273..559180; Locus tag: R2866_0557;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICEhinR2866 is not available.

The graph information of ICEhinR2866 components from CP002277
Complete gene list of ICEhinR2866 from CP002277
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1R2866_0550550984..551616 [+], 633hypothetical protein HP2p34
2R2866_0551551617..552396 [+], 780hypothetical protein HP2p35
3R2866_0552552383..552943 [+], 561hypothetical protein HP2p36
4R2866_0553552944..554545 [+], 1602hypothetical protein HP2p37
5R2866_0555555599..556375 [+], 777hypothetical protein p64
6R2866_0556556370..557182 [-], 813probable site-specific recombinaseIntegrase 
7R2866_0557557273..559180 [-], 1908conserved hypothetical protein p62Relaxase, MOBH Family
8R2866_0558559417..560121 [+], 705hypothetical protein p61
9R2866_0559560437..561135 [-], 699hypothetical protein p60
10R2866_0560561425..561742 [-], 318hypothetical protein p59
11R2866_0561561961..562152 [+], 192hypothetical protein p59_1
12R2866_0562562167..562757 [+], 591probable DNA invertase
13R2866_0563562840..563283 [+], 444hypothetical protein p59_3
14R2866_0564563360..564121 [-], 762conserved hypothetical protein p59_4
15R2866_0565564225..565178 [-], 954probable antirestriction protein
16R2866_0566565309..565467 [-], 159hypothetical protein p56_1
17R2866_0567565471..565719 [-], 249hypothetical protein p56_2
18R2866_0568565722..565955 [-], 234hypothetical protein p55
19R2866_0569566040..566402 [-], 363hypothetical protein p54
20R2866_0570566777..567214 [+], 438conserved hypothetical protein p53Tfc24, T4SS component 
21R2866_0571567211..568152 [+], 942conserved hypothetical protein p52Tfc23, T4SS component 
22R2866_0572568167..570167 [+], 2001conserved hypothetical protein p51Tfc22, T4SS component 
23R2866_0573570183..570590 [+], 408hypothetical protein p50Tfc21, T4SS component 
24bla571038..571898 [-], 861beta-lactamase
25tnpR571946..572503 [-], 558Transposon Tn3 resolvase
26tnpA572667..575672 [+], 3006Transposon Tn3 transposase
27R2866_0577575830..576159 [+], 330hypothetical protein p49Tfc20, T4SS component 
28R2866_0578576215..577708 [-], 1494conserved hypothetical protein p48Tfc19, T4SS component 
29R2866_0579577717..578040 [-], 324hypothetical protein p47Tfc18, T4SS component 
30R2866_0580578050..578457 [-], 408conserved hypothetical protein p46Tfc17, T4SS component 
31R2866_0581578465..581335 [-], 2871conserved hypothetical protein p45Tfc16, T4SS component 
32R2866_0582581351..581758 [-], 408conserved hypothetical protein p44Tfc15, T4SS component 
33R2866_0583581768..583168 [-], 1401conserved hypothetical protein p43Tfc14, T4SS component 
34R2866_0584583179..584048 [-], 870conserved hypothetical protein p42Tfc13, T4SS component 
35R2866_0585584048..584692 [-], 645conserved hypothetical protein p41Tfc12, T4SS component 
36R2866_0586584704..585075 [-], 372conserved hypothetical protein p40Tfc11, T4SS component 
37R2866_0587585095..585496 [-], 402conserved hypothetical protein p39Tfc10, T4SS component 
38R2866_0588585516..585761 [-], 246hypothetical protein p38_1
39R2866_0589585765..586115 [-], 351conserved hypothetical protein p38Tfc9, T4SS component 
40R2866_0590586246..586932 [-], 687conserved hypothetical protein p37Tfc8, T4SS component 
41R2866_0591586932..587240 [-], 309conserved hypothetical protein p36Tfc7, T4SS component 
42R2866_0592587251..589500 [-], 2250conserved hypothetical protein p35Tfc6, T4SS component 
43R2866_0593589497..590003 [-], 507conserved hypothetical protein p34Tfc5, T4SS component 
44R2866_0594590019..590777 [-], 759conserved hypothetical protein p33Tfc4, T4SS component 
45R2866_0595590756..591496 [-], 741conserved hypothetical protein p32Tfc3, T4SS component 
46R2866_0596591500..592129 [-], 630conserved hypothetical protein p31Tfc2, T4SS component 
47R2866_0597592228..592959 [-], 732hypothetical protein p30Tfc1, T4SS component 
48R2866_0598593050..593646 [-], 597conserved hypothetical protein p15
49R2866_0599593739..594209 [-], 471putative DNA repair protein
50R2866_0600594310..594717 [-], 408hypothetical protein p14_1
51R2866_0601594752..595432 [-], 681hypothetical protein p13
52R2866_0602595508..595936 [-], 429conserved hypothetical protein p12
53topB596821..598866 [-], 2046DNA topoisomerase III
54R2866_0604598957..599514 [+], 558hypothetical protein p10
55R2866_0605599730..600251 [-], 522hypothetical protein p09
56ssb2600275..600697 [-], 423single-stranded DNA-binding protein
57R2866_0607600943..601431 [-], 489conserved hypothetical protein p07
58R2866_0608601431..602186 [-], 756conserved hypothetical protein p06
59R2866_0609602447..603670 [-], 1224conserved hypothetical protein p05
60R2866_0610603820..604371 [-], 552conserved hypothetical protein p04
61R2866_0611604371..606071 [-], 1701conserved hypothetical protein p03
62dnaB1606064..607419 [-], 1356probable DNA helicase
63R2866_0613607421..608257 [-], 837putative chromosome partitioning related protein
64metB608813..609958 [+], 1146Cystathionine gamma-synthase
65ldhA609971..610966 [+], 996Fermentative D-lactate dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent
66trxM611086..611409 [+], 324Thioredoxin
67R2866_0620611365..611733 [-], 369Hypothetical protein
68R2866_0621611744..612001 [-], 258Hypothetical protein
69yjjV612063..612851 [-], 789Putative TatD-family Dnase
flank Flanking regions

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(1) Juhas M; Power PM; Harding RM; Ferguson DJ; Dimopoulou ID; Elamin AR; Mohd-Zain Z; Hood DW; Adegbola R; Erwin A; Smith A; Munson RS; Harrison A; Mansfield L; Bentley S; Crook DW (2007). Sequence and functional analyses of Haemophilus spp. genomic islands. Genome Biol. 8(11):R237. [PubMed:17996041] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature