I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID333
Name ICE(Tn4371)6071 This is a predicted ICE derived from literature
OrganismThioalkalivibrio sp. HL-EbGR7
Size (bp)42540
GC content [Genome] (%)64.95
Insertion site-
FunctionPotassium transporter system
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceCP001339 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (3464554 bp, BioProject:29177) [NC_011901]
Genome coordinates1988584..2031125 
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 2005518..2007629; Locus tag: Tgr7_1883;  Family:  MOBL

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICE(Tn4371)6071 is not available.

The graph information of ICE(Tn4371)6071 components from CP001339
Complete gene list of ICE(Tn4371)6071 from CP001339
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1Tgr7_18621984726..1984986 [-], 261hypothetical protein
2Tgr7_18631985176..1985412 [+], 237hypothetical protein
3Tgr7_18641985626..1988274 [-], 2649putative diguanylate cyclase
4Tgr7_18651988584..1989789 [+], 1206integrase family proteinIntegrase 
5Tgr7_18661989786..1990949 [+], 1164protein of unknown function DUF1016
6Tgr7_18671991275..1991781 [+], 507DNA repair protein RadC
7Tgr7_18681991850..1994306 [-], 2457conserved hypothetical protein
8Tgr7_18691994701..1995525 [+], 825protein of unknown function DUF932
9Tgr7_18701995606..1997660 [+], 2055ParB domain protein nuclease
10Tgr7_18711997723..1997932 [+], 210conserved hypothetical protein
11Tgr7_18721998065..1998499 [-], 435conserved hypothetical protein
12Tgr7_18731999324..1999638 [+], 315protein of unknown function DUF736TraF, T4SS component 
13Tgr7_18741999702..2000007 [-], 306transcriptional regulator, XRE family
14Tgr7_18752000251..2000601 [+], 351putative lipoprotein
15Tgr7_18762000910..2001671 [+], 762conserved hypothetical protein
16Tgr7_18772001755..2002036 [+], 282conserved hypothetical protein
17Tgr7_18782002063..2002920 [+], 858conserved hypothetical replication initiator and transcription repressor protein
18Tgr7_18792003174..2003812 [+], 639Cobyrinic acid ac-diamide synthase
19Tgr7_18802003809..2004081 [+], 273conserved hypothetical protein
20Tgr7_18812004078..2004611 [+], 534transposon
21Tgr7_18822004608..2005207 [+], 600TraF peptidase. Serine peptidase. MEROPS family S26CTraF, T4SS component 
22Tgr7_18832005518..2007629 [+], 2112conserved hypothetical proteinRelaxase, MOBL Family
23Tgr7_18842007655..2008389 [-], 735response regulator receiver protein
24Tgr7_18852008373..2011114 [-], 2742sensor protein KdpD
25Tgr7_18862011207..2011662 [-], 456PTS system, nitrogen regulatory IIA component
26Tgr7_18872011659..2012315 [-], 657Potassium-transporting ATPase
27Tgr7_18882012326..2014365 [-], 2040potassium-transporting ATPase subunit B
28Tgr7_18892014376..2016085 [-], 1710Potassium-transporting ATPase
29Tgr7_18902016140..2016817 [-], 678conserved hypothetical protein
30Tgr7_18912017350..2018294 [+], 945transcriptional regulator, LysR family
31Tgr7_18922018291..2018569 [+], 279putative lipoprotein
32Tgr7_18932018806..2020818 [+], 2013TRAG family proteinVirD4, T4SS component 
33Tgr7_18942020815..2021279 [+], 465CopG domain protein DNA-binding domain protein
34Tgr7_18952021276..2022346 [+], 1071P-type conjugative transfer ATPase TrbBTrbB, T4SS component 
35Tgr7_18962022343..2022735 [+], 393Conjugal transfer protein TrbCTrbC, T4SS component 
36Tgr7_18972022732..2023004 [+], 273putative conjugal transfer TrbD transmembrane proteinTrbD, T4SS component 
37Tgr7_18982023017..2025470 [+], 2454CagE TrbE VirB component of type IV transporter systemTrbE, T4SS component 
38Tgr7_18992025467..2026192 [+], 726P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbJTrbJ, T4SS component 
39Tgr7_19002026204..2026524 [+], 321putative lipoproteinTrbJ, T4SS component 
40Tgr7_19012026521..2027903 [+], 1383P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbLTrbL, T4SS component 
41Tgr7_19022027916..2028620 [+], 705Conjugal transfer proteinTrbF, T4SS component 
42Tgr7_19032028617..2029609 [+], 993P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbGTrbG, T4SS component 
43Tgr7_19042029612..2030886 [+], 1275conjugation TrbI family proteinTrbI, T4SS component 
44Tgr7_19052030883..2031125 [+], 243conserved hypothetical protein
45Tgr7_19062032038..2032595 [-], 558CDP-diacylglycerol--glycerol-3-phosphate 3-phosphatidyltransferase
46Tgr7_19072032602..2034431 [-], 1830excinuclease ABC subunit C
47Tgr7_19082034451..2035107 [-], 657conserved hypothetical protein
48Tgr7_19092035170..2035832 [-], 663response regulator receiver protein
flank Flanking regions

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(1) Ryan MP; Pembroke JT; Adley CC (2009). Novel Tn4371-ICE like element in Ralstonia pickettii and genome mining for comparative elements. BMC Microbiol. 0.543055556. [PubMed:19941653] experimental in_silico
experimental experimental literature
in_silico in silico analysis literature