I. Information of ICE
ICEberg ID113
Name ICESb1 This ICE is derived from experimental literature
ICEO ID ICEO_0000121
OrganismSalmonella bongori CEIM46082
Size (bp)109418
GC content [Genome] (%)51.02
Insertion sitetRNA-Phe
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFN298494 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
Putative oriT region -
Putative relaxase coordinates: 108258..109847; Locus tag: Sb1_0117;  Family:  MOBH

II. ICE interaction with IME/CIME/

The interaction information of ICESb1 is not available.

The graph information of ICESb1 components from FN298494
Complete gene list of ICESb1 from FN298494
#Gene Coordinates [+/-], size (bp) Product 
(GenBank annotation)
1Sb1_00011..546 [-], 546conserved hypothetical protein
2Sb1_00021316..1624 [-], 309bacteriophage integrase (pseudogene)
3Sb1_00031919..2953 [+], 1035hypothetical protein
4dnaB2950..4314 [+], 1365dna helicase
5Sb1_00054307..6106 [+], 1800hypothetical protein
6Sb1_00066096..6323 [+], 228putative zinc finger protein
7Sb1_00076320..6580 [+], 261hypothetical protein
8Sb1_00086567..7289 [+], 723conserved hypothetical protein
9Sb1_00097374..7931 [+], 558conserved hypothetical protein
10Sb1_00107931..8179 [+], 249conserved hypothetical protein
11Sb1_00118176..9519 [+], 1344hypothetical protein
12Sb1_001210104..10883 [+], 780conserved hypothetical protein
13topB10994..12988 [+], 1995topoisomerase
14Sb1_001413609..14058 [+], 450conserved hypothetical protein
15Sb1_001514139..14357 [+], 219conserved hypothetical protein
16ssb14370..14906 [+], 537single strand binding protein
17Sb1_001714972..15910 [+], 939putative transposase
18pilL16075..17319 [+], 1245putative exported proteinTfc2, T4SS component 
19pilM17322..17759 [+], 438putative exported protein
20pilN17771..19453 [+], 1683putative pilus assembly protein
21pilO19455..20741 [+], 1287putative pilus assembly protein
22pilP20722..21309 [+], 588putative pilus protein
23pilQ21319..23034 [+], 1716putative nucleotide binding proteinTraJ_I, T4SS component 
24pilR23031..24116 [+], 1086putative membrane protein
25pilS24116..24751 [+], 636prepilin
26pilT24761..25237 [+], 477putative membrane proteinOrf169_F, T4SS component 
27pilU25234..25896 [+], 663prepilin peptidase
28pilV25893..27320 [+], 1428prepilin
29rci28414..29565 [+], 1152shufflon-specific dna recombinaseIntegrase 
30pilK29662..30129 [+], 468putative exported protein
31Sb1_003430343..31218 [+], 876conserved hypothetical protein
32traF31329..32525 [+], 1197putative exported protein
33Sb1_003632588..33226 [+], 639hypothetical protein
34Sb1_0036a33258..34559 [+], 1302conserved hypothetical protein (pseudogene)
35Sb1_003733539..34273 [-], 735putative membrane protein
36Sb1_003934516..35430 [+], 915putative membrane protein
37Sb1_004035449..36189 [+], 741putative membrane proteinTfc3, T4SS component 
38Sb1_004136168..36854 [+], 687putative exported proteinTfc4, T4SS component 
39Sb1_004236851..37390 [+], 540putative exported proteinTfc5, T4SS component 
40Sb1_004337400..37969 [+], 570putative type IV restriction endonuclease
41Sb1_004437989..40079 [+], 2091conserved hypothetical proteinTfc6, T4SS component 
42Sb1_004540076..40834 [+], 759putative membrane proteinTfc8, T4SS component 
43Sb1_004640998..41324 [+], 327putative exported proteinTfc9, T4SS component 
44Sb1_004741324..41563 [+], 240putative membrane protein
45Sb1_004841593..41955 [+], 363putative membrane proteinTfc10, T4SS component 
46Sb1_004941965..42339 [+], 375putative membrane proteinTfc11, T4SS component 
47Sb1_005042336..42989 [+], 654putative membrane proteinTfc12, T4SS component 
48Sb1_005142989..43888 [+], 900conserved hypothetical proteinTfc13, T4SS component 
49Sb1_005243878..45356 [+], 1479putative exported proteinTfc14, T4SS component 
50Sb1_005345343..45792 [+], 450hypothetical proteinTfc15, T4SS component 
51Sb1_005445789..48629 [+], 2841conserved hypothetical proteinTfc16, T4SS component 
52Sb1_005648784..49170 [+], 387conserved hypothetical proteinTfc17, T4SS component 
53Sb1_005749325..49717 [+], 393putative exported proteinTfc24, T4SS component 
54Sb1_005849714..50682 [+], 969putative exported proteinTfc23, T4SS component 
55Sb1_005950697..52127 [+], 1431putative exported proteinTfc22, T4SS component 
56Sb1_006052124..52456 [+], 333putative membrane protein
57Sb1_006152460..53971 [+], 1512putative membrane proteinTfc19, T4SS component 
58Sb1_006254014..54385 [-], 372putative membrane protein
59Sb1_006354609..54914 [-], 306hypothetical protein
60Sb1_006554991..55158 [+], 168putative membrane protein
61Sb1_006655255..56502 [+], 1248conserved hypothetical protein
62Sb1_006756487..57128 [+], 642conserved hypothetical protein
63Sb1_006857270..57881 [-], 612conserved hypothetical protein
64Sb1_006959195..60115 [+], 921conserved hypothetical protein
65Sb1_007060633..61142 [+], 510hypothetical protein
66Sb1_007161239..61619 [+], 381hypothetical protein
67Sb1_007362085..62669 [+], 585putative membrane protein
68Sb1_007462666..62962 [+], 297putative exported protein
69Sb1_007563040..63498 [+], 459putative membrane protein
70Sb1_007663587..65530 [+], 1944putative membrane protein
71Sb1_007765600..66508 [+], 909conserved hypothetical protein
72Sb1_007866582..67481 [+], 900conserved hypothetical protein
73Sb1_007967558..67884 [+], 327hypothetical protein
74Sb1_0079a67984..68139 [-], 156hypothetical protein (pseudogene)
75Sb1_008068592..70184 [+], 1593putative exported sulfatase family protein
76Sb1_008170234..71529 [+], 1296putative arylsulfatase-activating protein
77Sb1_008271526..72524 [+], 999ATPase domain protein
78Sb1_008372521..73429 [+], 909conserved hypothetical protein
79Sb1_008473430..73870 [+], 441putative membrane protein
80Sb1_008573863..74840 [+], 978putative Von Willebrand factor, type A
81Sb1_008674837..76360 [+], 1524putative membrane protein
82Sb1_008776357..77373 [+], 1017putative membrane protein
83Sb1_008877370..78365 [+], 996putative exported protein
84Sb1_008978640..88332 [+], 9693putative autotransporter
85Sb1_009088417..90054 [+], 1638putative mechanosensitive ion channel
86Sb1_009190051..91712 [+], 1662hypothetical protein
87Sb1_009291727..92881 [+], 1155putative outer membrane protein
88Sb1_009392984..93241 [-], 258conserved hypothetical protein (pseudogene)
89Sb1_009593849..94205 [+], 357hypothetical protein
90Sb1_009794373..94549 [-], 177putative transcriptional regulator (partial)
91Sb1_009894568..95437 [-], 870putative membrane protein
92samB96277..96639 [-], 363conserved hypothetical protein (pseudogene)
93Sb1_010296679..99607 [-], 2929transposase remnant (pseudogene)
94Sb1_010397248..98757 [-], 1510putative group II intron reverse transcriptase (pseudogene)
95samB99653..99754 [-], 102UV protection protein (pseudogene)
96samA99754..100176 [-], 423UV protection protein (pseudogene)
97Sb1_0108100482..100955 [-], 474conserved hypothetical protein
98Sb1_0109101013..101447 [-], 435conserved hypothetical protein
99qnr101801..102448 [+], 648putative quinolone resistance protein
100Sb1_0111103129..103506 [+], 378conserved hypothetical protein
101Sb1_0112103718..104260 [+], 543putative transcriptional regulator-TetR family
102Sb1_0113104257..105744 [+], 1488putative major facilitator family efflux pump
103Sb1_0114105928..106377 [+], 450putative acetyltransferase
104Sb1_0115106382..106645 [+], 264hypothetical protein
105Sb1_0116106763..108274 [+], 1512conserved hypothetical proteinTraI_F, T4SS component 
106Sb1_0117108258..109847 [+], 1590putative helicaseRelaxase, MOBH Family
107Sb1_0118110011..111024 [+], 1014probable phage integrase
108yqgA111384..112091 [-], 708putative membrane protein
109speC112517..114652 [+], 2136ornithine decarboxylase
110nupG114714..115970 [-], 1257nucleoside permease
flank Flanking regions

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(1) Seth-Smith HM; Fookes MC; Okoro CK; Baker S; Harris SR; Scott P; Pickard D; Quail MA; Churcher C; Sanders M; Harmse J; Dougan G; Parkhill J; Thomson NR (2012). Structure, diversity, and mobility of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 family of integrative and conjugative elements within Enterobacteriaceae. J Bacteriol. 194(6):1494-504. [PubMed:22247511] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature