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Organism: Streptococcus pyogenes M/emm28 STAB10015
#IDICE nameICE familyReplicon
1825 in_silico ICESpSTAB10015--
in_silico Putative ICEs predicted by bioinformatic methods
The genome map is not available as this strain has not been completely sequenced.
ElementNo. of sequencesDownloadAlignment
(1) de Andrade Barboza S; Meygret A; Vincent P; Moullec S; Soriano N; Lagente V; Minet J; Kayal S; Faili A (2015). Complete Genome Sequence of Noninvasive Streptococcus pyogenes M/emm28 Strain STAB10015, Isolated from a Child with Perianal Dermatitis in French Brittany. Genome Announc. 3(4). [PudMed:26184948] in_silico
in_silico in silico analysis literature