CDSeasy, fast gene prediction and functional annotation for bacterial genomes
The CDSeasy tool quickly performs the protein-coding gene identification with Prodigal V2.60 and the initial functional annotation using Blastp against the Representative Proteomes RP55 Bacterial database. It accepts the complete genome sequence (in FASTA format) or the contig/scaffold sequences (in multi-FASTA format) of the partially sequenced bacterial genome. It generates the gzip-compressed GenBank file, which is easy to be used as the input for VRprofile, CGCfinder and COGviewer.
Updated: Jun-10-2016.       Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome.

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Please wait online with patience while CDSeasy is running, and do not close the webpage. In general, CDSeasy takes ~ 18 mins for the gene finding and initial functional annotation of a 5-Mb bacterial genome sequence, including 2 mins for the CDS detection with Prodigal V2.60 and 15 mins for function prediction by using Blastp against the RP55 bacterial database.
Example: Escherichia coli O157:H7 EDL933 NCBI Accession No. [NC_002655]

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