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Environmental Microbiology, 2015, 17(7):2196-202. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12794.

SecReT6: a web-based resource for type VI secretion systems found in bacteria

Jun Li, Yufeng Yao, H. Howard Xu, Limin Hao, Zixin Deng, Kumar Rajakumar, Hong-Yu Ou*

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SecReT6 (http://db-mml.sjtu.edu.cn/SecReT6/) is an integrated database providing comprehensive information on type VI secretion systems (T6SSs) in bacteria. Type VI secretion systems are a class of sophisticated cell contact-dependent apparatuses involved in mediating antagonistic or synergistic communications between bacteria and/or bacteria and eukaryotes. These apparatuses have recently been found to be widely distributed among Gram-negative bacterial species. SecReT6 offers a unique, readily explorable archive of known and putative T6SSs, and cognate effectors found in bacteria. It currently contains data on 11,167 core T6SS components mapping to 906 T6SSs found in 498 bacterial strains representing 240 species, as well as a collection of over six-hundred directly relevant references. Also collated and archived were 1,340 diverse candidate secreted effectors which were experimentally shown and/or predicted to be delivered by T6SSs into target eukaryotic and/or prokaryote cells as well as 196 immunity proteins. A broad range of T6SS gene cluster detection and comparative analysis tools are readily accessible via SecReT6, which may aid identification of effectors and immunity proteins around the T6SS core components. This database will be regularly updated to ensure its ongoing maximal utility and relevance to the scientific research community.


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近日,国际知名微生物学刊物《环境微生物》(Environmental Microbiology) 在线发表了我组的最新研究论文 SecReT6: a web-based resource for type VI secretion systems found in bacteria (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1462-2920.12794/abstract)。该研究论文的第一作者为2011级博士生李骏。
六型分泌系统 (type VI secretion system, T6SS)是一种在革兰氏阴性细菌中广泛存在的多功能、多组分的跨膜通道结构。T6SS能够介导效应蛋白的精确转运,在病原菌致病和细菌间拮抗等重要生物过程中扮演着关键角色。本研究成果通过文献深度挖掘和生物信息学精确预测,在近五百个已测序细菌基因组中识别出九百多个T6SS,建立了开放的分子生物学数据库SecReT6 (http://db-mml.sjtu.edu.cn/SecReT6/)。SecReT6还提供了T6SS核心组件基因簇的预测和比较等在线工具,有助于微生物学实验人员发现新的T6SS效应蛋白及免疫蛋白。


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