ThioFinder: identification of thiopeptide antibiotic gene clusters in DNA sequences

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Please submit a nucleotide sequence by one of the following four methods.
A. For plain DNA sequence without annotation
(I) Paste your nucleotide sequence (<200kb) in single-FASTA format. [Example]
(II) Upload a single bacterial genome sequence in FASTA format.  [Example]
B. For the annotated genome sequence
(III) Enter a Refseq Accession number.  [Example:NC_004722]
(IV) select a sequenced and annotated bacterial genome from NCBI genome database.

(V) Upload a GenBank-format File. [Example]

(VI) Upload a single bacterial genome sequence and its gene annotation file.

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Select a gene-finding tool: [linkout Prodigal] [linkout Glimmer3]
  (Prodigal is suggested to be used for the uploaded sequence with the length > 1Mb.)

Length of gene cluster (kb):

Select the HMMER-identified conserved proteins involved into thiopeptide framework formation:
NosG, YcaO-like cyclase (Essential) NosE, lantibiotic-type dehydratase (Essential)  
NosF, nitroreductase (Additional) NosD, SpaB involved in subtilin biosynthesis (Additional)
NosH, 6-membered nitrgen heterocycle (Additional)
NosO, 6-membered nitrgen heterocycle (Additional)

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