StrainLegionella longbeachae NSW150
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
Location13014..13409; 402723..413318; 440995..441615; 1248304..1248705; 3252131..3270829; 3570476..3574182; 3625689..3626090
Functioneffector translocation
ClassificationType IVB; Type I
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed on this T4SS.
structure Information of structure: structureA Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase phosphoinositide phosphatase

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_013861
Region 1: 13014..13409
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_00068434..9138 [+], 705289163359hypothetical protein 
2LLO_00079546..10628 [+], 1083289163360amidase 
3LLO_000810644..11045 [+], 402289163361hypothetical protein 
4LLO_000911039..11245 [+], 207289163362hypothetical protein 
5LLO_001011348..12664 [+], 1317289163363hypothetical protein 
6LLO_0011 (icmD)13014..13409 [+], 396289163364IcmD (DotP)  IcmD
7LLO_001213703..14728 [-], 1026289163365peptidylarginine deiminase 
8LLO_0013 (speA)14730..16628 [-], 1899289163366arginine decarboxylase 
9LLO_001416650..17495 [-], 846289163367carbon-nitrogen hydrolase 
Region 2: 402723..413318
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_0357398052..398246 [+], 195289163701hypothetical protein 
2LLO_0358398255..398425 [-], 171289163702hypothetical protein 
3LLO_0359398560..399582 [+], 1023289163703glycosyltransferase 
4LLO_0360399744..402269 [-], 2526289163704cation transport ATPase 
5LLO_0361 (icmX)402723..404117 [-], 1395289163705Intracellular multiplication protein IcmX  IcmX
6LLO_0362 (icmW)404118..404573 [-], 456289163706Intracellular multiplication protein IcmW  IcmWaccesspry protein
7LLO_0363 (icmV)404668..405126 [+], 459289163707intracellular multiplication protein IcmV  IcmV
8LLO_0364 (dotA)405123..408266 [+], 3144289163708defect in organelle trafficking protein DotA  DotA
9LLO_0365408286..409626 [+], 1341289163709hypothetical protein 
10LLO_0366409808..410662 [-], 8552891637104-hydroxy-2-oxovalerate aldolase 
11LLO_0367 (dotB)410780..411910 [-], 1131289163711defect in organelle trafficking protein DotB (ATPase)  DotB
12LLO_0368 (dotC)411920..412846 [-], 927289163712defect in organelle trafficking lipoprotein DotC  DotC
13LLO_0369 (dotD)412827..413318 [-], 492289163713lipoprotein DotD  DotD
14LLO_0370 (yhhF)413487..414032 [-], 546289163714methyltransferase 
15LLO_0371414029..415333 [-], 1305289163715zinc protease 
16LLO_0372415330..416652 [-], 1323289163716zinc protease 
17LLO_0373 (ftsY)416714..417766 [+], 1053289163717cell division protein FtsY homolog 
Region 3: 440995..441615
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_0387436208..436867 [+], 660289163731hypothetical protein 
2LLO_0388436867..437967 [+], 1101289163732ATPase 
3LLO_0389 (feoA)438180..438410 [+], 231289163733ferrous iron transporter A 
4LLO_0390 (feoB)438407..440659 [+], 2253289163734ferrous iron transport protein B 
5LLO_0391440640..440855 [+], 216289163735hypothetical protein 
6LLO_0392 (lvgA)440995..441615 [+], 621289163736virulence protein LvgA  LvgAaccesspry protein
7LLO_0393 (sdhC)441946..442320 [+], 375289163737succinate dehydrogenase, cytochrome b556 subunit 
8LLO_0394 (sdhD)442314..442661 [+], 348289163738succinate dehydrogenase, hydrophobic membrane anchor protein 
9LLO_0395 (sdhA)442663..444432 [+], 1770289163739succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunit 
10LLO_0396 (sdhB)444447..445169 [+], 723289163740succinate dehydrogenase, iron sulfur protein 
Region 4: 1248304..1248705
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_10561243551..1244339 [+], 789289164397hypothetical protein 
2LLO_1057 (glyQ)1244441..1245352 [+], 912289164398glycyl-tRNA synthetase subunit alpha 
3LLO_1058 (glyS)1245342..1247411 [+], 2070289164399glycyl-tRNA synthetase beta chain 
4LLO_10591247408..1248151 [+], 744289164400hypothetical protein 
5LLO_1060 (icmD)1248304..1248705 [-], 402289164401IcmD (DotP)  IcmD
6LLO_1061 (uhpC)1249188..1250558 [-], 1371289164402membrane protein regulates uhpT expression 
7LLO_10621250742..1252409 [+], 1668289164403hypothetical protein 
8LLO_10631252487..1252915 [-], 429289164404hypothetical protein 
9LLO_1064a1252991..1253431 [-], 441289164405hypothetical protein 
10LLO_10651253440..1253643 [-], 204289164406hypothetical protein 
Region 5: 3252131..3270829
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_40763247194..3247493 [-], 300289166098hypothetical protein 
2LLO_27733247441..3247887 [-], 447289166099hypothetical protein 
3LLO_27743248183..3248692 [-], 510289166100hypothetical protein 
4LLO_27753248768..3248890 [-], 123289166101hypothetical protein 
5LLO_27763248932..3249129 [-], 198289166102hypothetical protein 
6LLO_27773249484..3249930 [-], 447289166103hypothetical protein 
7LLO_2778 (ompR)3250145..3250873 [+], 729289166104DNA-binding response regulator in two-component regulatory system with EnvZ 
8LLO_27793250870..3252138 [+], 1269289166105sensor histidine kinase 
9LLO_2780 (dotO)3252131..3255160 [-], 3030289166106hypothetical protein  IcmB
10LLO_2781 (dotN)3255175..3255801 [-], 627289166107hypothetical protein  IcmJ
11LLO_2782 (dotP)3255926..3256327 [-], 402289166108hypothetical protein  IcmD
12LLO_2783 (dotE)3256374..3256952 [-], 579289166109hypothetical protein  IcmC
13LLO_2784 (dotF)3256961..3257794 [-], 834289166110Component of the Dot/Icm secretion system  IcmG
14LLO_2785 (dotG)3257807..3262384 [-], 4578289166111IcmE/DotG protein  IcmE
15LLO_2786 (icmK)3262385..3263503 [-], 1119289166112hypothetical protein  IcmK
16LLO_2787 (dotI)3263503..3264141 [-], 639289166113hypothetical protein  IcmL
17LLO_2788 (dotJ)3264160..3264444 [-], 285289166114Component of the Dot/Icm secretion system. inner membrane protein  IcmM
18LLO_2789 (lphA)3264453..3264956 [-], 504289166115hypothetical protein  IcmN
19LLO_2790 (dotL)3265503..3267851 [-], 2349289166116hypothetical protein  IcmO
20LLO_2791 (dotM)3267848..3268981 [-], 1134289166117hypothetical protein  IcmP
21LLO_2792 (icmQ)3269101..3269676 [-], 576289166118hypothetical protein  IcmQ
22LLO_2793 (ligB)3269819..3270085 [-], 267289166119LigB protein (part of the Dot/Icm secretion system) 
23LLO_2794 (icmS)3270218..3270562 [-], 345289166120hypothetical protein  IcmSaccesspry protein
24LLO_2795 (icmT)3270569..3270829 [-], 261289166121hypothetical protein  IcmT
25LLO_27963271083..3271301 [-], 219289166122hypothetical protein 
26LLO_2797 (cspD)3271701..3271931 [+], 231289166123Cold shock-like protein CspD 
27LLO_2798 (hemH)3272059..3273096 [+], 1038289166124ferrochelatase 
28LLO_27993273074..3274114 [+], 1041289166125efflux protein 
Region 6: 3570476..3574182
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_3070 (sufD)3565793..3567073 [-], 1281289166382component of SufBCD complex 
2LLO_3071 (sufC)3567073..3567822 [-], 750289166383component of SufBCD complex, ATP-binding component of ABC superfamily 
3LLO_3072 (sufB)3567824..3569272 [-], 1449289166384component of SufBCD complex 
4LLO_30733569265..3569726 [-], 462289166385hypothetical protein 
5LLO_40853569985..3570143 [-], 159289166386hypothetical protein 
6LLO_3074 (dotU)3570476..3571261 [+], 786289166387hypothetical protein  IcmH
7LLO_3075 (icmF)3571261..3574182 [+], 2922289166388hypothetical protein  IcmF
8LLO_30763574364..3575185 [+], 822289166389hypothetical protein 
9LLO_30773575264..3576199 [-], 936289166390hypothetical protein 
10LLO_30813577745..3578905 [-], 1161289166391patatin-like phospholipase 
Region 7: 3625689..3626090
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1LLO_31033621031..3621708 [-], 678289166413amidase 
2LLO_31043621710..3622780 [-], 1071289166414hypothetical protein 
3LLO_31053623704..3624300 [+], 597289166415hypothetical protein 
4LLO_31063624347..3625240 [-], 894289166416LysR family transcriptional regulator 
5LLO_3107 (icmD)3625689..3626090 [+], 402289166417IcmD (DotP)  IcmD
6LLO_31083626234..3627469 [-], 1236289166418FAD dependent oxidoreductase 
7LLO_3110 (lon)3628284..3630686 [+], 2403289166419DNA-binding ATP-dependent protease La 
accesspry protein This T4SS contains information of accessory protein.
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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Proteins        Genes

LLO_0047, LLO_0081, LLO_0192, LLO_0197, LLO_0200, LLO_0214, MavN, Lem29, LLO_0308, LegG2, AnkD/legA15, SidE/laiD, LLO_0464, LLO_0525, SdhA, LirA, AnkK/legA5, AnkH/legA3, ankW, Ceg33, Lem23, LLO_0783, LLO_0791, RavH, LLO_0934, MarB, Ceg23, RavR, Lem14, LLO_1062, LLO_1240, Ceg19, Ceg4, LLO_1348, RavC, RavT, RalF, LLO_1414, LLO_1437, LpnE, LLO_1503, LLO_1576, Ceg8, Lem25, LegK1, LLO_1691, LLO_1697, YlfA/legC7, VpdC, LLO_1991, Lem23, LegK3, LLO_2220, Lem24, Lem27, LLO_2267, LLO_2314, LLO_2315, LLO_2362, RavS, Lem19, LLO_2404, SdhB, LLO_2453, RavQ, Ceg7, RavZ, SidI/ceg32, LLO_2526, LLO_2530, RavF, LLO_2574, LegA7/ceg11, LLO_2611, LegS1, MavV, AnkC/legA12, LegY, LLO_2845, MavF, LLO_2856, Ceg15, RavL, SdeB, SidJ, SdeD, SdcA, RavN, PieE, LLO_3206, LLO_3208, LegD2, RavK, LLO_3270, VipF, LnaB, LLO_3405, LLO_3444

The information of protein effectors
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  *
1LLO_0047 54872..55351 [+], 480289163393hypothetical protein  LLO_0047
2LLO_0081 (rsmE)88710..89438 [+], 72928916342616S rRNA methyltransferase  LLO_0081
3LLO_0192 208236..209978 [-], 1743289163536hypothetical protein  LLO_0192
4LLO_0197 214273..214971 [-], 699289163541hypothetical protein  LLO_0197
5LLO_0200 217874..220030 [+], 2157289163544hypothetical protein  LLO_0200
6LLO_0214 235248..236882 [+], 1635289163558hypothetical protein  LLO_0214
7LLO_0254 283828..285765 [-], 1938289163598hypothetical protein  MavN
8LLO_0267 302136..303368 [+], 1233289163611coiled-coil protein  Lem29
9LLO_0308 349856..351772 [+], 1917289163652hypothetical protein  LLO_0308
10LLO_0327 370108..371544 [+], 1437289163671hypothetical protein  LegG2
11LLO_0365 408286..409626 [+], 1341289163709hypothetical protein  AnkD/legA15
12LLO_0425 (sidE)479647..484353 [-], 4707289163769SidE protein  SidE/laiD
13LLO_0464 531463..532284 [+], 822289163808hypothetical protein  LLO_0464
14LLO_0525 589320..591584 [-], 2265289163869hypothetical protein  LLO_0525
15LLO_0548 619308..624842 [-], 5535289163893hypothetical protein  SdhA
16LLO_0565 641312..642103 [-], 792289163910hypothetical protein  LirA
17LLO_0570 (AnkK)646781..648697 [+], 1917289163915substrate of the Dot/Icm secretion system  AnkK/legA5
18LLO_0584 (AnkH)663072..664475 [+], 1404289163929substrate of the Dot/Icm secretion system  AnkH/legA3, ankW
19LLO_0626 709334..709828 [-], 495289163974hypothetical protein  Ceg33
20LLO_0719 813395..813814 [-], 420289164063hypothetical protein  Lem23
21LLO_0783 896082..897350 [+], 1269289164127hypothetical protein  LLO_0783
22LLO_0791 904332..905423 [-], 1092289164135hypothetical protein  LLO_0791
23LLO_0831 956109..957518 [+], 1410289164175hypothetical protein  RavH
24LLO_0934 1073597..1074868 [-], 1272289164280hypothetical protein  LLO_0934
25LLO_0991 1165097..1166263 [-], 1167289164333RhoGAP domain protein (GTPase activator of small GTPases)  MarB
26LLO_1014 1196214..1197536 [+], 1323289164355hypothetical protein  Ceg23
27LLO_1034 1216112..1218169 [-], 2058289164375hypothetical protein  RavR
28LLO_1047 1234526..1235239 [+], 714289164388hypothetical protein  Lem14
29LLO_1062 1250742..1252409 [+], 1668289164403hypothetical protein  LLO_1062
30LLO_1240 1467356..1469098 [+], 1743289164582hypothetical protein  LLO_1240
31LLO_1321 1567575..1568333 [-], 759289164662coiled-coil protein  Ceg19
32LLO_1322 1568523..1569617 [+], 1095289164663hypothetical protein  Ceg4
33LLO_1348 1599530..1599946 [+], 417289164688hypothetical protein  LLO_1348
34LLO_1378 1638795..1639553 [+], 759289164714ABC transporter permease  RavC
35LLO_1389 1650275..1651243 [-], 969289164725hypothetical protein  RavT
36LLO_1397 (ralF)1661758..1662912 [-], 1155289164734RalF protein, translocated into host cells by the Dot/Icm system  RalF
37LLO_1414 1684126..1685376 [-], 1251289164751hypothetical protein  LLO_1414
38LLO_1437 1709682..1710164 [-], 483289164770hypothetical protein  LLO_1437
39LLO_1443 1718192..1719322 [+], 1131289164776Sel1 repeat protein  LpnE
40LLO_1503 1777551..1777958 [+], 408289164837hypothetical protein  LLO_1503
41LLO_1576 1856728..1858197 [+], 1470289164909hypothetical protein  LLO_1576
42LLO_1601 1883980..1884687 [-], 708289164934hypothetical protein  Ceg8
43LLO_1650 1946940..1949318 [-], 2379289164985hypothetical protein  Lem25
44LLO_1682 1990167..1991777 [-], 1611289165017serine/threonine-protein kinase  LegK1
45LLO_1691 2002166..2003284 [-], 1119289165026hypothetical protein  LLO_1691
46LLO_1697 2007806..2008450 [+], 645289165032hypothetical protein  LLO_1697
47LLO_1707 2023159..2024508 [+], 1350289165043hypothetical protein  YlfA/legC7
48LLO_1791 2113158..2115797 [-], 2640289165127phospholipase, patatin family  VpdC
49LLO_1991 2340619..2341269 [-], 651289165322hypothetical protein  LLO_1991
50LLO_2172 2525179..2526210 [-], 1032289165501hypothetical protein  Lem23
51LLO_2218 2586120..2587508 [-], 1389289165547Ser/Thr protein kinase  LegK3
52LLO_2220 2588642..2589484 [+], 843289165549hypothetical protein  LLO_2220
53LLO_2227 2600230..2601054 [+], 825289165556hypothetical protein  Lem24
54LLO_2238 2614233..2615978 [-], 1746289165566hypothetical protein  Lem27
55LLO_2267 2655833..2657560 [+], 1728289165596hypothetical protein  LLO_2267
56LLO_2314 2713233..2714498 [-], 1266289165639hypothetical protein  LLO_2314
57LLO_2315 2714511..2715110 [-], 600289165640hypothetical protein  LLO_2315
58LLO_2362 2773400..2774410 [-], 1011289165683hemolysin D  LLO_2362
59LLO_2390 2801721..2803571 [+], 1851289165712hypothetical protein  RavS
60LLO_2398 2814159..2815355 [+], 1197289165722hypothetical protein  Lem19
61LLO_2404 2821719..2822663 [+], 945289165728hypothetical protein  LLO_2404
62LLO_2439 2859351..2865380 [+], 6030289165760hypothetical protein  SdhB
63LLO_2453 2878887..2879798 [-], 912289165774hypothetical protein  LLO_2453
64LLO_2487 2916468..2917550 [+], 1083289165808hypothetical protein  RavQ
65LLO_2491 2922600..2923718 [+], 1119289165812hypothetical protein  Ceg7
66LLO_2508 2943541..2945004 [+], 1464289165829hypothetical protein  RavZ
67LLO_2525 2963576..2966407 [+], 2832289165845hypothetical protein  SidI/ceg32
68LLO_2526 2966409..2967296 [+], 888289165846hypothetical protein  LLO_2526
69LLO_2530 2972059..2972691 [+], 633289165850hypothetical protein  LLO_2530
70LLO_2549 2993661..2994911 [+], 1251289165869coiled-coil protein  RavF
71LLO_2574 3020668..3022038 [+], 1371289165895hypothetical protein  LLO_2574
72LLO_2582 3030213..3030851 [-], 639289165903hypothetical protein  LegA7/ceg11
73LLO_2611 3063901..3064899 [+], 999289165935hypothetical protein  LLO_2611
74LLO_2622 3076104..3077255 [+], 1152289165946sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase  LegS1
75LLO_2645 3109641..3110990 [-], 1350289165971hypothetical protein  MavV
76LLO_2705 3177790..3179187 [-], 1398289166029ankyrin repeat protein  AnkC/legA12
77LLO_2801 3277307..3278602 [+], 1296289166127glucan 1,4-alpha-glucosidase  LegY
78LLO_2845 3319949..3320566 [+], 618289166172coiled-coil protein  LLO_2845
79LLO_2850 3325266..3326108 [+], 843289166177hypothetical protein  MavF
80LLO_2856 (lporfX)3331160..3331603 [+], 444289166183hypothetical protein  LLO_2856
81LLO_2983 3463204..3463950 [+], 747289166302hypothetical protein  Ceg15
82LLO_3030 3527027..3527863 [+], 837289166345hypothetical protein  RavL
83LLO_3095 3603931..3608421 [+], 4491289166405Similar to Sid proteins  SdeB
84LLO_3096 3608613..3611210 [-], 2598289166406hypothetical protein  SidJ
85LLO_3097 (laiE)3611262..3612452 [-], 1191289166407SdeA protein  SdeD
86LLO_3098 (sidC)3612748..3615657 [+], 2910289166408SidC protein  SdcA
87LLO_3126 3652732..3653364 [-], 633289166435hypothetical protein  RavN
88LLO_3131 (pieE)3659094..3660842 [+], 1749289166440substrate of the Dot/Icm secretion system  PieE
89LLO_3206 3761862..3762461 [+], 600289166518hypothetical protein  LLO_3206
90LLO_3208 3764998..3765846 [+], 849289166520hypothetical protein  LLO_3208
91LLO_3224 3783569..3784501 [-], 933289166536hypothetical protein  LegD2
92LLO_3265 3832683..3833351 [+], 669289166571hypothetical protein  RavK
93LLO_3270 3836767..3839244 [-], 2478289166576hypothetical protein  LLO_3270
94LLO_3312 (vipF)3886622..3887533 [+], 912289166618N-terminal GNAT family acetyltransferase  VipF
95LLO_3335 3913926..3915536 [+], 1611289166641hypothetical protein  LnaB
96LLO_3405 4006539..4009151 [-], 2613289166710hypothetical protein  LLO_3405
97LLO_3444 4069521..4071068 [-], 1548289166749hypothetical protein  LLO_3444

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Proteins        Genes
The information on structure of this T4ss

1A Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase phosphoinositide phosphatase4JZA PDB (4JZA)Crystal structure of a Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase: insights into lipid metabolism in pathogen host interaction.(1) PubMed: 23843460
(1) Toulabi L et al. (2013). Identification and structural characterization of a Legionella phosphoinositide phosphatase. J Biol Chem. 288(34):24518-27. [PudMed:23843460] experimental
The information on requirements for T4SS substrate-channel docking

Certain T4SS substrates require secretion chaperones for translocation. These chaperones often possess physical properties (small size of 15 kDa, acidic pI, and amphipathic helices) resembling those of chaperones associated with the type III secretion systems, a family of macromolecular translocation systems ancestrally related to bacterial flagella.

#Accessory protein(GI)motif(s)Substrate(s)FunctionReference
1IcmS (289166120)C-terminal fragment-The IcmS adaptors essential for translocation of different subsets of effectors through the Legionella Dot/Icm translocation apparatus.(1) PubMed: 28714967
2IcmW (289163706)C-terminal fragment-The IcmW adaptors essential for translocation of different subsets of effectors through the Legionella Dot/Icm translocation apparatus.(2) PubMed: 19946141
3LvgA (289163736)C-terminal fragment-The LvgA adaptors essential for translocation of different subsets of effectors through the Legionella Dot/Icm translocation apparatus.(3) PubMed: 28714967
1.Substrate(s): For the conjugation systems, the listed proteins are relaxases that bind a cognate T4CP and are delivered to recipient cells. For the effector translocator systems, the listed proteins are effectors that play a role in the infection processes of the bacterial pathogen.
2.motif(s):The motifs listed are required for substrate translocation. In some cases, the protein or its C-terminal fragment (CT) is sufficient to mediate translocation to target cells, as shown by fusion to a reporter protein such as Cre recombinase or adenylate cyclase. Amino acids (aa) at positions listed relative to the C-terminal fragment (subscript) are required for translocation, as shown by mutational analysis. ND, not determined. Parentheses indicate that the interaction between a protein substrate and a cognate T4CP has been experimentally shown.
3.Accessory protein: Accessory factors required for T4SS channel docking or translocation. The proposed function in mediating substrate-T4SS channel docking is shown in parentheses.PubMed:19946141

(1) Kwak MJ et al. (2017). Architecture of the type IV coupling protein complex of Legionella pneumophila. Nat Microbiol. 2:17114. [PudMed:28714967] experimental
(2) Alvarez-Martinez CE; Christie PJ (2009). Biological diversity of prokaryotic type IV secretion systems. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 73(4):775-808. [PudMed:19946141]
(3) Kwak MJ et al. (2017). Architecture of the type IV coupling protein complex of Legionella pneumophila. Nat Microbiol. 2:17114. [PudMed:28714967] experimental
(1) Gomez-Valero L; Rusniok C; Cazalet C; Buchrieser C (2011). Comparative and functional genomics of legionella identified eukaryotic like proteins as key players in host-pathogen interactions. Front Microbiol. 2:208. [PudMed:22059087] in_silico
(2) Cazalet C; Gomez-Valero L; Rusniok C; Lomma M; Dervins-Ravault D; Newton HJ; Sansom FM; Jarraud S; Zidane N; Ma L; Bouchier C; Etienne J; Hartland EL; Buchrieser C (2010). Analysis of the Legionella longbeachae genome and transcriptome uncovers unique strategies to cause Legionnaires' disease. PLoS Genet. 6(2):e1000851. [PudMed:20174605] experimental
experimental This literature contains experimental investigation
in_silico This literature contains bioinformatics investigation