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Hong-Yu OU (欧竑宇)
Professor, Principle Investigator
Microbial Bioinformatics
ORCID: 0000-0001-9439-1660
Email: hyou@sjtu.edu.cn
ORCID: 0000-0001-9439-1660
Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=R1SOS0QAAAAJ


Room 213, Science Building, Xuhui campus
1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200030, China
Email: hyou@sjtu.edu.cn; Tel: +86 21 62933765*2132
Education Experience:
2001.03-2004.02, Ph.D., Bioinformatics, Tianjin University, advised by Prof. Chun-Ting Zhang
1998.09-2001.03, M.S., Fermentation Engineering, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, advised by Prof. Shiru Jia
1993.09-1997.07, B.S., Food Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University
Work Experience:
2012.01-present, Professor, Principle Investigator, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2015.10-2016.9, Visiting Professor (Tang Cornell-China Scholar), Cornell University, work with Prof. Martin Wiedmann
2006.06-2011.12, Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2004.06-2006.05, Research Associate, Medical School, University of Leicester, UK, worked with Dr. Kumar RAJAKUMAR and Prof. Mike BARER
 Selected Publications (2007-present):
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Selected Publications (2003-2006):

(13) H.Y. Ou, L.L. Chen, J. Lonnen, R.R. Chaudhuri, A.B. Thani, R. Smith, N.J. Garton, J.C. Hinton, M. Pallen, M. Barer and K. Rajakumar (2006). A novel strategy for identification of genomic islands by comparative analysis of the contents and contexts of tRNA sites in closely related bacteria. Nucleic Acids Res., 34, e3. [Abstract][PDF][Supplementary materials]
(12) H.Y. Ou , R. Smith, S. Lucchini, J.C. Hinton, R.R. Chaudhuri, M. Pallen, M. Barer and K. Rajakumar (2005). ArrayOme: a program for estimating the sizes of the microarray-visualised genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. , 33, e3. [Abstract][PDF]
(11) W.X. Zheng, L.L. Chen, H.Y. Ou , F. Gao and C.T. Zhang (2005). Coronavirus phylogeny based on a geometric approach. Mol. Phyl. Evol. , 36, 224-232. [Abstract]
(10) H.Y. Ou, F.B. Guo and C.T. Zhang (2004). GS-Finder: a program to find bacterial gene start sites with a self-training method. Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 36, 535-544.[Abstract]
(9) R. Zhang, H.Y. Ou and C.T. Zhang (2004). DEG, a Database of Essential Genes. Nucleic Acids Res.32, D271-D272. [Abstract][PDF]
(8) S.R. Jia, H.Y. Ou , G.B. Chen, D.B. Choi, K.A. Cho, M. Okabe and W.S. Cha (2004). Cellulose Production from Gluconobacter oxydans TQ-B2. Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 9, 166-170.
(7) H.Y. Ou, F.B. Guo and C.T. Zhang (2003). Analysis of nucleotide distribution in the genome of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) using the Z curve method. FEBS Letters 540, 188-194.[Abstract]
(6) F.B. Guo, H.Y. Ou and C.T. Zhang (2003). ZCURVE: a new system for recognizing protein-coding genes in bacterial and archaeal genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 31, 1780-1789.[Abstract][PDF]
(5) C.T. Zhang, R. Zhang and H.Y. Ou (2003). The Z curve database: a graphic representation of genome sequences. Bioinformatics 19, 593-599. [Abstract]
(4) Y.H. Wang, H.Y. Ou and F.B. Guo (2003). Recognition of translation initiation sites of eukaryotic genes based on EM algorithm. J. Comput. Biol. 10, 699-708. [Abstract]
(3) L.L. Chen¶, H.Y. Ou¶, R. Zhang and C.T. Zhang (2003). ZCURVE_CoV: a new system to recognize protein coding genes in coronavirus genomes, and its applications in analyzing SARS-CoV genomes. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 307, 382-388. (¶ These authors contributed equally to this work.) [Abstract]
(2) F. Gao, H.Y. Ou, L.L. Chen, W.X. Zheng and C.T. Zhang (2003). Prediction of proteinase cleavage sites in polyproteins of coronaviruses and its applications in analyzing SARS-CoV genomes. FEBS Letters, 553, 451-456. [Abstract]
(1) H.Y. Ou, S.R. Jia and X. Ma (2003). Optimization of Medium for Fermentation Process of Bacterial Cellulose. Food And Fermentation Industries, 29(1),18-22 (in Chinese).


Science Building, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200030, China
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